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When: 3/3/12

Where: My local Fire Department  You can also find a CPR class on the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION website.

Why I wanted to do this: I have wanted to become CPR certified for several reasons. The first and most important is because of my daughter, I think this is essential information every parent must have. Also, I think it looks good on a resume (I'm trying to become certified in as many things as possible!), and just think about being in a restaurant, on an airplane, or even just at home with your family members-knowing how to respond to every type of crisis situation for adults, children and infants are skills that are literally priceless and could mean life or death. Last year in Michigan a man was able to live for 96 minutes without a heartbeat because of a first responder performing CPR. That is incredible. When the class began in the morning, I thought 'you idiot you don't need to know First Aid and AED'- but I am so glad I accidentally signed up for the wrong class!

Cost: $30

What would I do differently: I wish I would have taken it before my daughter was born, there were a few instances where she actually was choking and could not breath. It was so scary. I didn't know CPR then but thank God what we did worked-we used an aspirator and sucked out the mucus that was obstructing her airway. Having a child at home I feel much more comfortable now that I know how to correctly perform First Aid and CPR.

Would I do it again? Well, yes actually, you must re take the class once every two years to keep your certification current, and it is good to have a refresher course.

Make a good gift/surprise? Well, in my opinion, any sort of learning experience is a good gift- no better gift than the gift of knowledge!

Something I would recommend? Absolutely! If I was the Governor of Michigan I would make it mandatory that all citizens become CPR certified. ( I have a lot things I would like to do given I ever become in a position of political power).

Was it life changing? Unquestionably life changing! Not only do I already feel more confident in my every day life knowing how to respond in emergency situations but I now have skills that could actually save someones life.


  1. Great news on your first aid and cpr course. Sounds like you found it very useful and i'm guessing that as a parent it's great to feel confident that heaven forbid anything should happen you have the vital skills.

  2. Yes- so wish I would have done this before she was born- I feel more confident in general knowing that I could help where ever or with whomever I am.


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