Sunday, March 25, 2012


For the record-this was over 50 POUNDS AGO!

When: June 2011

Where: The Meat Shoppe

Why I wanted to do this: I know this LIFE LIST item seems a little dull and you find this even more sister took me to do this for my 28th Birthday. Years ago I was having a conversation with my grandma about my Aunt Marjorie who is shall we My grandma who grew up with next to nothing would refer to my Aunt as being 'born with a silver spoon in her mouth'---I find my Aunt's brahmin mannerism to be dazzling! She is polished, refined, cultured and well educated. My Aunt Marjorie perfectly reminds me of Emily Gilmore from the show 'The Gilmore Girls' or Countess LuAnn DeLesseps. Where I have never spent a lot of time with this Aunt, I have always wanted to but found her a little intimidating. I am currently trying to spend more time with her, I find her fascinating to talk to, I love the way she speaks and the things she says. I remember years ago my grandma said 'you know Marjorie-she buys her bread from the baker, her cheese from the cheese shop and her meat from the butcher' I was probably in my early teens when she said this and ever since I have wanted to emulate that 'just so' lifestyle. Many times I have tried to buy my baked goods from a baker in lieu of getting them at the grocery store but it is a lot more effort. Maybe if you lived in a city where there were more small business like this and you could just pick up your loaf on the way home it would be easier to work into your routine.

Cost: $20 for a large rump roast and seasonings.

How I paid for it: It was my Birthday gift!

What would I do differently? I think if we had talked to them earlier in the day they would have let me go in the back and chop some meat.

Will I do it again? I am certainly going to make more of an effort to shop at local business.

Something I would recommend? The importance of buying from small business lies in that you receive a higher quality item and impecible customer service. I do shop at Costco, honestly you just can't beat their prices, but it is a little unnerving that you can purchase your wedding gown, funeral casket, linolium and red meat in the same store. When I was at my flower shop, I really enjoyed that personal relationship with my customers, it was five years ago but I still remember their names and I could still make that perfect arrangement that fit their personality. I miss being part of the small business world, for that is certainly where my heart lies. Nearly every job I have had was at a small business. They are quaint, charming, and I have made many long lasting friendships through my small business jobs.

Good gift/surprise? Well, for me it was! But I don't know how many others would appreciate a gesture such as this. It was a perfect gift from my sister, there is no one I prefer to purchase my red beef products with than her...also, she is one of the few people who got this one and thought it was 'sweet'.

Life changing? If we continue to do all their shopping at large chain stores we aren't going to have these precious small businesses left. I know it is a real treat to walk into a large store with every item you could possibly need, stand in a line with your tampons, window washing solvent, six pack, baby wipes and foot powder then when you reach the counter the expressionless cashier doesn't great you-scans your items (that is if you do not have the luxury of doing it yourself, which there should be labor laws against- if you have to 'check yourself out'...shouldn't we get a discount?) -one of my personal favorite moments is when the glossy eyed cashier doesn't even feel the need to tell you how much they cost...and really why should they waste energy using their vocal cords when after all the number is digitally displayed right in front of you. They haphazardly slop your items into a fetching lite brown plastic bag that, fingers crossed, will end up in a landfill one day-which is great because in the long run it will open up more job positions needing people to transport garbage to different locations. And then, at the end of it all, you get the joy of walking away thinking 'i can't believe how long I had to wait in line to be treated like crap for patronizing their store which gives that a-hole a paycheck!'  I know it would be really difficult to give all this up if God forbid the local businesses were to reclaim the retail industry, so let's pray that these dear moments in our lives ARE NOT CHANGED. I know I have a fairly bad attitude about this but it makes me so angry to spend my money at places where the employees can't even show you respect or kindness. I love that I have moved to a small town now and I can put my daughter in the stroller and walk her up to the corner store and pick up some gourmet, locally made products. Honestly it's not financially feasible to purchase everything from small business but there are certain things that I try to specifically buy them.

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  1. Allison, this was so beautifully written. My favorite post by far! Some people may think these quirky little items are silly but that's what I love about you. I love all your crazy ideas because if it weren't crazy-- why would anyone bother? To that end, the message you sent by doing this is poignant and spot on. I'm so thankful your my sister and would buy meat at a meat shop any day with you. Your blog gets better every day. Keep up the good work!


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