Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Husband's Birthdays Passed


               This was Joel's 22nd Birthday, I had a little surprise party for him at Mr B's with family and some friends.

This was Joel's 23rd Birthday. I 'hired' someone to find his friend from the Army, Caleb, whom he had not spoken to in years. He was living in Iowa, so I called him, having never had met Caleb, and told him I would pay for his ticket, food, drinks and pick him up from the airport. I had my mom pick up Joel and drop him off at Mr B's where I was sitting at the bar with his buddy from the army. 
He was only here for two nights and one night we got a limo and went to a comedy club. It was an incredible surprise and incredibly expensive, I think that's why there are no pictures of Joel's 24th birthday...I couldn't afford film. 

Ok, well for his 26th Birthday, I had a little get together for him at Mr B's and I am only just now realizing how often we went to that bar. There were a few of our new friends from Krav Maga, his co workers and my family. I remember I was very sick and miserable.
This was taken at Big Boy with my family, I was pregnant so we did not go to Mr B's. 
Joel's first Birthday with his daughter. We were living in a hotel suite in Chicago last year that I had decorated, the staff sent up the cake. We had dinner at Benihanna Japanese Steak House, then we had a drink in the executive lounge. I had bought a few gifts from in Michigan and then had to keep them hidden in the hotel room for weeks. I love this picture!


  1. What an amazingly thoughtful gift to surprise Joel with his old army buddy! I am sure the other gifts were all nice too but the best gift of all is in the last picture, that little smiling sweetheart. Thanks for posting, hope his day is a happy one today too!

  2. Well it was all possible because of you!

  3. It all sounds lovely and some wonderful birthday plans. How thoughtful of you to arrange all that and especially the army buddy:-)


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