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Opening yourself up to new experiences could change your life in ways you never imagined....


When: February 29, 2012

Why I wanted to do this: The only time I had ever had a 'reading' before this I was 14 and everything said turned out to be right. A few years ago a friend of mine wanted me to go with her and I remember making fun of her. But then when my grandma passed away it gave me a strong desire to see a psychic/medium.

Cost: $55 for all 3-tarot, palm and psychic reading. You don't have to get all three, if you just go with the tarot or palm it is less expensive.

What would I do differently: Nothing, it was a perfectly wonderful experience.

Something I would recommend? YES!!!! In my opinion, I have always been opposed to any kind of therapy or counseling because of the cost and the fact that you have to spend so much time just letting your therapist get to know you and telling them about your issues seems like time wasted that you could be working on your life. Now, with a psychic ( a good psychic) she already knows about your personality, your wants, your life, your problems AND she can give you GREAT advice- it's half the time and half the cost!!! I think for anyone who is in need of some resolution and answers or looking for hope and peace this is at the least worth a shot! With that being said, I don't think everyone will have the same experience I had, I would be mindful to not have your expectations too high.

Will I do it again? Yes. Yes. Yes. I NEVER in a million years thought I would be someone who had a psychic, in fact I am sure I made fun of people many times for even seeing a psychic but I will see her again.

Make a good gift/surprise? A wonderful gift for someone who is open to it. There are many people who are not just skeptical but who think that this ability is very sacrilegious...and some think it's down right evil.

Was it life changing? I cannot begin to explain what a truly powerful experience this was for me. I have never felt something so intense and spiritual. As Oprah would say 'that is what holiness is.'

I went into this experience simply for the fun of it, and before I was getting ready to leave I was on the phone with my sister and I said that 'even if all I get is a new perspective on something, I'll be happy with that'. I can't say that I was skeptical nor could I have said that I believed in it. At best I thought it would be fun and perhaps she would just say something that would change my outlook on a certain issue.

When we began, I had only said a handful of quotidian comments about where I parked, the restroom and where I ought to sit. I sat in a tiny room waiting for her to finish speaking with someone (in the back), she keeps the door locked at all times, which I thought was nice to not have to worry about someone walking in. While I was waiting I was taking in the room and I was very surprised to see that this woman was so religious, I counted 16 angle statues alone plus several Jesus figurines/photos. That was a comfort for me, I probably would have seen a psychic early on but my mother advised me against reasoning that it was an evil gateway.

 Within one minute from the beginning of the reading my eyes had filled with tears, during the entire reading I was very emotional. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect something like that to happen, but she knew me so well, she knew my attitude, my personality, my thoughts, my wants/needs/desires, she knew my mind, my heart and my soul-in all seriousness it was incredibly intense and overwhelming. She described my past, my future and in great detail my present. It was astonishing how specific and accurate she was. I had intended to tell you everything she said but it was so personal, these are things I don't think I'd ever share with anybody.

It went very quickly, my mind was racing with trying to remember it all, taking in all that she was saying, and I kept thinking 'I love this person'- why wouldn't I? She knows me better than anyone I know and she understands more than I could ever imagine someone understanding everything about me.

Whether or not everything she said was or will be factual (although I know that being there in that moment, it was all very real) I don't care, because she gave me hope, clarity, answers, guidance and advice that I could have never received from any other person. She also gave me peace. My life overall has been better since my time spent with Angela the psychic. This was the best thing I could have done for myself at this time in my life.

When I left I gave her a hug. I tried to think of everything she said and how it could have been a 'guess' or 'random' or 'general'- it is not possible and like I said even if it was 'fake' to improve my life, to have hope and peace just for 55 bucks- that's a bargain no matter which way you look at it!

She told me how many children I would have, how long I would live, told me about money, talked about my relationships, and answered my questions at the end although at that time I had few.


  1. Great new word...quotidian! I had to look it up and now I plan to use it tomorrow if at all possible :) I agree with your comment that peace of mind for 55 dollars is a real bargain no matter which way you look at it. I bet Ms. Angela's business is really picking up now!

  2. IT IS A GOOD WORD! Funny you mention that- 2 people I know already have seen her!!!


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