Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!! Today we are having dinner at my mother's house, my sister is cooking, we have our annual Easter egg hunt- Z is the only child, so it's pretty cutthroat, and my friend Shannon is joining us. If all goes well I will also accomplish a LIFE LIST item, it's a small one but I've been bugging my step dad about it for nearly 3 years now! He has an Indian Chant record on vinyl and about 2 years ago he bought a vinyl to CD converter but he still has yet to open the box, I think today might be the day!
 It's been a difficult week, there are so many things I want to write about but I had a 'medical malfunction' that rendered me pretty lifeless this week. Here are some pics from our Easter morning, Z and her basket from last year and the professional photos we had taken last year.

Enjoy your Easter!!!

18 months old

Easter 2012
Easter 2011

2011 Easter

6 months old 


  1. Those photos are so adorable! She looks beautiful in them and the bunny one is so cute! Hope you all had a good Easter and that you finally got that life list goal completed:-)

  2. We did have a good you have a dinner or egg hunt or anything like that? No the goal was not yet can never rely on others!


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