Sunday, April 1, 2012

LIFE LIST: iphone

"Any sufficiently advanced technology
                         is indistinguishable from magic”


When: March 26, 2012

Where: at a Sprint store nearest me

Why I wanted to do this: I actually did not want to get an iphone for the longest time. I was ardently against it for several reasons; 1. I already had a phone that worked just fine. 2. I could not stand the idea of having to learn something new in technology- I love learning anything new, except technological things. 3. I could not have cared less about all the things an iphone can do. So why did I decide to buy one? Well, I was intrigued when I heard about the language apps, the quality of the camera, and the music functions. Originally on my LIFE LIST was to get an ipod-now that I have an iphone I don't know why anyone would buy an ipod that only plays music when you could buy an iphone that  performs heart surgery, dispenses bars of gold and serves as a direct link to the Lord himself.

Cost: $100 and $10 extra/month (making about $75/month) for unlimited data, texts, picture mail, and mobile to mobile-I don't think you can beat that! Plus $25 for the case and $20 for the screen protector.

How I paid for it: I was not really expecting this, I wanted to buy one for my birthday but my husband had done well at work the week before so we had some extra cash.

What would I do differently? GOTTEN ONE SOONER...MUCH MUCH SOONER!!!!!

Will I do it again? Uh, well....I'll never live without one again!

Something I would recommend? Yes. I hate to say it but I wish everyone I knew had one.

Was it life changing? I can't believe I'm going to say this- but never has a handheld device put in me such an ebullient mood! Ironically, it was not just two weeks ago I was telling a friend that I found smart phones to be so pointless and I was sick of hearing people talk about them. She agreed...and if she's reading, I am certain she is rolling her eyes at me now-and rightfully so.

I think I had formed such a negative opinion of smart phones because I have had several people with their smart phones show me their meaningless 'apps' which were mostly games or other mindless applications, like a dog barking. (If you are not familiar, an app is like a website-this is the best way I could think to explain it) Since the smart phone has invaded our lives I have never had an interest nor have I had kind things to say about their possessers. A few years ago, similarly I was complaining about having to listen to people using 'bluetooth' in public and this 'employee' of mine said "you can hate the user but you can't hate the wireless device." I always thought that was such a funny thing to say because he was so serious, but he was unerringly right. You cannot hate the iphone, it is amazing.

I have only had my phone for 5 days and I honestly had had no idea what I could have available to me instantaneously! I am now weltering in an ocean of knowledge!!! I am teaching my daughter several languages and now I have access to language learning tools all day, where ever we are. That to me makes it worth every penny. I think if the iphone had been around years ago I would already be fluent in ten or more languages. Even if we only spend a few minutes here and there, that's terrific because she is at an age where second language learning does not require vigorous study. It also helps me learn and refresh my memory.

There are apps for babies, that not only keep her entertained while we're in public or trying to do something but also they are vocab builders AND you can adjust the language, so I put one of her apps in German. AND SHE LOVES THEM!!!

Being a nursing mom, that is something that takes a lot of time, you literally have to stop what you are doing to  nurse and it keeps you from accomplishing tasks. Basically I just have to sit there while she nurses, but now we learn while we nurse! I put on youtube Hebrew for beginners videos and we both let it sink in. Also, usually while she is watching her cartoons, I take that opportunity to clean, or write or do something productive but sometimes she just likes to sit on my lap and I love it!  I never pass that up or cut her short any time she wants to be close to me. Although on the other hand, it is hard to sit still when there is so much you want to get done, but now I can snuggle and do something constructive. For instance, last night, while watching cartoons in my lap while I read my idiom app, a very interesting app that tells you how certain idioms came about.

The camera function is yet another one of its infallible capabilities. I will be able to take more photos, better quality photos and get them on my blog faster. This camera is much better than my digital camera. Not to mention it is just so easy to send photos now that there is no way I can forget to send pictures to my family.

I also love that I can create lists! Everywhere I go! It's a real dream come true for me! No need to look for a pen, piece of paper, transfer it to something else when I get home etc... Having an iphone has also enabled me to take longer walks every day (over 2 hours) because I can stay better connected to make sure my baby is happy and doesn't need me and if she does, we can just face chat! (it's skype on your phone!) So I get to exercise while accomplishing tasks, making my lists and staying connected! I actually hate talking on the phone, but I do it so I can keep in touch with those who live a long distance from me, but I hate that it keeps my attention away from my little girl. So this week I have been able to stay in contact with those I generally spend too much time on the phone with whilst on my walks!

In the past 5 days with my iphone, I've been more efficient and productive. Having access to all the information I could ever dream of in the palm of my hand has allowed me to actualize my dream of being a perpetual student at a fraction of the cost. My life is actually better, running smoother, and everything has become so much easier. I am mad at myself for diligently protesting out of ignorance and prejudice, but you can never fully understand something until you experience it. I was also rather worried about the level of difficulty in just simply figuring out how this damn thing worked! As much as I love to learn, the thought of figuring out a new technology makes me want to jackknife off my balcony. Alarm clocks, coffee makers, dvd players, laptops...sometimes I just get so sick of it all! I thought it would take me a substantial amount of time to figure this one out but surprisingly, my husband who is much more knowledgeable concerning technological devices than I, actually has been asking ME how I've done certain things on my phone and he's had his longer! I cannot underscore enough how very simple it is to use. I actually haven't even gotten around to the music yet which was what had piqued my interest in the first place!


  1. You sound like you really love that iphone!! Glad your enjoying it, i haven't got one but am seriously tempted now!

  2. It is amazing!!! I do love, I complained so many times about people talking about their stupid iphones----now im in that group!!


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