Monday, April 2, 2012

Wedding Pictures-Today is our 7th anniversary!

April 2nd, 2005
Well I wanted to post a wedding synopsis blog of the showers, baccalaureate party, getting ready, ceremony, reception and honeymoon but I just did not find the time this week to put all the pictures together. So I'll just post some of our wedding pics and save the rest for another day.

Our Parents

My sister Helena was the Maid of Honor

The Ugliest Wedding Cake EVER!

My mom
I was laughing because amongst the group of girls stood Joel's 90 year grandfather.


  1. Lovely pictures of a gorgeous couple, no wonder you guys had such a beautiful little girl! Happy Anniversary!

  2. You guys looks gorgeous and your hair in stunning in these photos. It looks like such a great day and so special. Thanks for sharing:-) Hope you had a great Anniversary....better than mine!

  3. Rox- what a nice thing to say!!!

    Dannie- It was a nice anniversary, I'm going to do a short post about many things I want to write about- so little time! I'm so sorry your anniversary wasn't great, 10 years is a long time. When people disappoint you it breaks your heart a little.

    I have to agree-my hair did look amazing! :) it took 2 girls 1 hour to curl it!


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