Sunday, January 20, 2013

Buying A House Part 3

47 things I love about my house

As I have mentioned...or rather beaten to the ground...that our house buying experience was a terrible one. Most people are thrilled to buy a house and cannot wait-I however was very apprehensive and you can read the reasons why in this post HERE.

When we first moved in I would take my daughter for a walk every day and we would pass by these beautiful condos. They are very unique, lovely and they just look incredible. So every day each time I passed by I would dream about moving into them and would devise a plan of how I could convince my husband to sell our house and buy this condo instead. I was longing to move into this Victorian style condo.

One day when after we got home from our walk I realized that I had walked passed the condo and didn't even look at, let alone dream of a life inside it, and that's when I knew I had fallen in love with our house. We had fixed our issues with the house and started fixing it up and that has made owning a home such a treat.

I think now that perhaps my attachment to apartment living was connected to the fact that we lived in our former apartment complex for 5 years-which is the longest amount of time I have ever lived in the same place. We did live in 2 different units in the same building while we were there but essentially it was place and I had become comfortable, but now I couldn't be happier and wish I would have been more open sooner-although we wouldn't have had THIS house. In the end it was perfect timing.

  1. I can walk to the downtown area to local shops, restaurants, grocery stores and town parades
  2. I'm close to the highway
  3. I have a fireplace
  4. We have recycling pick up-WHICH I LOVE as our former city did not even have a recycling center
  5. Everything I need is within walking distance
  6. Our neighbors are AMAZING, GENEROUS AND HELPFUL!!!
  7. We can paint and change whatever we want
  8. We have a big basement 
  9. I live in my favorite town in the world
  10. I get to drive/walk down my favorite street in America every day
  11. I feel safe
  12. My husband can fix everything-he has totally surprised and impressed me
  13. I LOVE unique light fixtures and outlet covers and now I can finally buy them!
  14. We have lots of privacy
  15. We have ceiling fans so we only had to use the air conditioning 4 times last summer
  16. I get to plant flowers and a pumpkin patch this summer!
  17. We have a big deck
  18. We have a garage so I don't have to scrape snow off the car ever again
  19. It was quite a distance from our apartment door to the parking lot so it was pain to unload groceries and impossible to do with a baby-now it's just right outside our door.
  20. The city we used to live in was NOT attractive and the roads under construction-the town we live in now is DARLING, clean and well kept
  21. We have the small town charm and feel part of a community-there was NOTHING like that in our previous city.
  22. Our house is older, so it needs some updating but it also has a lot of charm- like crystal door knobs, a laundry shoot and curved ceilings
  23. I can actually buy furniture! When we lived in a 500 square foot studio apartment we literally had to sell half of what we owned and did not have the option to buy anything because there was NO WHERE to put it!
  24. I have the most beautiful blossoming tree in my back yard-I feel like I hit the lottery with that!
  25. I see deer every day sitting on my couch......I'm on the couch-not the deer.
  26. In the summer at any given time there is at least one bunny in the yard.
  27. It's quiet-there are NEVER any neighbor disturbances-in our apartment life I can't count how many time I had to complain or call the police on my neighbors for major disturbances.
  28. I can listen to my music as loud as I want and I know no body can hear it.
  29. We don't have to worry about our daughter being loud-she can run, jump, and yell as much as she wants!
  30. We live within a 15 minute drive from our 4 sets of parents.
  31. We don't have the long walk to the dumpster.
  32. We have PLENTY of storage space.
  33. We have PLENTY of space in general.
  34. Our house has already gone up in value since we bought it just 7 months ago.
  35. We got an incredible deal on our house.
  36. We can have a cat, dog, bird and whatever other pet we want without it costing $100 more/month.
  37. We have 2 bathrooms with 2 showers which seriously comes in handy.
  38. We have the perfect floorplan for entertaining.
  39. Our street is aesthetically very beautiful and all the homes and yards are always WELL maintained.
  40. I used to have to allow 45 minutes to drive to all our doctors/dentists-now I could literally walk there if I wanted.
  41. We have a big yard with endless possibilities to make it our sanctuary.
  42. We can put up Christmas lights!
  43. Whilst living in an apartment-everything kind of revolved around an impending move-storage, finances,  future planning-it is such a weight off my shoulders to know that I don't ever have to move again and I DO NOT WANT TO EVER MOVE AGAIN IN MY LIFE!
  44. It's a nice to know that one day we will own this house-completely own it.
  45. I feel a MAJOR SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT in being a home owner. I feel like an adult and like I am living the American dream.
  46. I feel very proud. Proud of what my life has become, proud of my husband for making this happen and for his talents being able to fix and fix up everything.
  47. I was worried that owning a house would suck up all our money but it's actually the opposite- our mortgage is significantly less than what our monthly payment was.


  1. I love that you love your house, my favorite line was about the deer :)

    1. Thank you :) after all my sobbing phone calls and talking about selling it did you ever think I'd grow to love it? I did....because Joel was willing to sell it if that would make me happy but I said no lets give it more time.


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