Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My favorite place in the world

    Hawaii is not a state of mind but a state of grace.”

I have written about most of the things we did on our trip to Hawaii in 2009, like seeing the Black Sand Beach, Seeing A Volcano, Snorkeling, Swimming With Sea Turtles, Akaka Falls, Go To A Luau and South Point but I have not written about the fabulous resort we stayed at called the Kona Village Resort. I started my post last night and realized that each component deserves its own post; the food, the beach, the luau, the staff, the hales (huts), and the resort grounds.

This resort is so nice that it has left me with 3 thoughts...

1. I am certain that if we had stayed anywhere else we would not have enjoyed our trip nearly as much.
2. I could easily (and one day hope to) spend at least one week there-and not even leave the grounds.
3. I cannot imagine a more lovely place in the entire world exists.
4. If I could be afforded the luxury of having any job at the Village, we'd pack up in a heartbeat.

When I was reflecting on our time spent at the Kona Village Resort I kept thinking that to describe this place as 'paradise' would not do it justice. Then I looked up the definition: "a place of extreme beauty, delight or happiness"  and "a state of supreme bliss". I reconsidered. Paradise is the exact word to describe the Kona Village Resort.

While we were driving from the airport to the Village, we had passed the entrance and had to stop and ask 2 women walking by if they knew where it was...with a surprised look on their faces they said "oh, that's a very exclusive, private resort". We contained ourselves while they pointed us in the right direction and we drove away feeling on top of the world, with huge smiles feeling even more anxious to see just what we had in store for our week in heaven! We were also laughing at the thought that  these ladies thought we were rich and famous.

* Sadly in 2011 the Kona Village was hit by a tsunami and thus is closed for the time being with talks of re opening sometime in 2014. I am so fortunate and feel so blessed that we were able to experience this unique place and know that one day we will return with our daughter.

My memories from our trip to Hawaii have served me well over the past 4 years-they always put a smile on my face, I think about Hawaii when I'm sad or stressed and it helps calm me down, and every time I wake up after a night of dreaming about my little paradise I am put in the best mood. So for the next week or two I hope you will enjoy the pictures, information, and memories that I share with you about my favorite place in the world.


  1. Thanks for visiting Save Kona Village on Facebook and for sharing your story. It's a wonderful story!

    1. Thanks mike!! Im glad you read it and I hope you enjoy the following posts of my full review of kvr-

      I love the save Kona village Facebook sight!

  2. You got caught.....in the Kona Village Resort spirit....We have been going for yrs with our daughters, one of which is named Allison, too. She grew up at KVR and is now 19 yrs old....Once you go to KVR, any other resort is just not right....Lets hope the re-building brings back the same feelings once again....Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Dana- how wonderful for your girls!!! We were there 4 months before I got pregnant....and I remember FOOLISHLY saying to my husband "why would anyone bring there kids here? It's a place to just relax" .....I cannot believe that was even an idiotic thought in my head! Basically, every thought and every word that came from me was foolish before becoming a mommy!

      Now I cannot wait to take our daughter!!! She's only 2 years right now...I'm thinking maybe 6 or 7 would be a good age....how old we're your children when you started taking them?

  3. Allison, I came here via your link at the Save Kona Village Facebook page. I see that Kona Village has won your heart also. :) Kona Village was literally my second home. My father Fred Duerr was the long time manager there until he retired after 38 years at the resort. I was 3 years years old when Dad first started there as the assistant manager. In those days you had to fly into the resort to get to it. All the employees and everything; food, laundry, etc. along with the guests flew in daily and landed on the small airstrip there. There was always a manager on duty 24/7 and our family would join Dad when he was on duty for more than a few days if we were not in school. In the early days, we would all pitch in with whatever needed done. Mom could be found running the gift shop on occasion if the lady that ran it was out sick or on vacation, I helped out in the beach shack and fed the ducks and the old parrot Mac (great job for a young kid :) ) and Dad would pitch in wherever needed also in addition to doing his job. Over the years, my sister, brothers and I all worked at Kona Village in some form or another.
    The staff and many of the guests became "family" to us. There was just something so special about Kona Village that brought people from all backgrounds together and created a strong bond. After I went away to college and then married, I brought my husband home to Kona Village and he fell in love with it too. Our children also fell in love with it and understood why it was so special to me and to their grandfather. One of the saddest weeks for us was when Dad retired from Kona Village and there were days of parties and a change in ownership was also taking place. Our family was so touched by how many people came to say goodbye, honor him and wish him well. Past employees, current employees, long time guests were there and there was not a dry eye in the place. You see, Dad was not just retiring from a job, he was leaving "family" that ment so much to him and him to them. It is the love you feel there that makes it so special.
    One day, when Kona Village reopens, my husband and I hope to renew our wedding vows on the beach at sunset surrounded by our children, grandchildren, my parents and my siblings and their families. That is my dream and one that I hold tight in my heart.

    1. Hi Debbie!! Thank you so much for sharing your unique story...to be able to spend so much time at Kona village sounds like a DREAM!!! How wonderful that you got to experience that! Do you still live in Hawaii?

      I also would like me and my husband to renew our vows there one day....and I am so excited to show kvr to our daughter...I just hope it doesn't incur lots of changes during the rebuilding- I thought it was perfect as is!

      I really just came across it in a book and I'm so glad I did! It really has changed me and I often think about our time there...

      I hope you get to fulfill your dream of renewing your vows and when you do I want to see pictures!!!


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