Tuesday, November 8, 2011


There are so many stunningly beautiful sites on this planet- and I want to see them all.

When: August 2009

Where: Akaka Falls State Park Hawaii

Why I wanted to do this: When I went to the travel agent I told her that on this trip to Hawaii I wanted to see a volcano, waterfalls, stay at an authentically Hawaiian resort, go to a luau and see a black sand beach-she said 'o you'll have to visit every island in order to do all that'. No. I was able to find everything I wanted to do and see and more all on the big island which is not typically known for being very tropical. Which is true, much of the Island is covered in black lava and almost looks like a desert. However, there are in fact waterfalls and the most noteworthy is the Akaka Falls, in my opinion this is where one must go to see the Hawaii that is in pictures and movies.

Cost: Entrance was only $5.

How I paid for it: -

What would I do differently? Stayed longer, taken more pictures.

Will I do it again? I want to visit Akaka Falls again because I have a picture of my grandma with the falls in the background and I would like to stand in that same spot and have the same picture taken. When I went to Hawaii, I still had her and couldn't have imagined that she would be gone just 7 months later. So it would mean a lot to me to re create that moment so I can put our pictures next to each other. It is a long drive from Kona (I would never stay anywhere else) but worth it just to take this snapshot.

Something I would recommend? Yes, if you are only going to the Big Island, you must visit this park so you can see its tropical and lush flora. It was not touristy, not crowded, it was actually way off the beaten path.

Would it make a good gift/surprise? Only to someone who is in good physical condition, there were thousands of steps, it was very steep and very hot but it would be a lovely place to say something special to someone.

Was it life changing? Sure, as a floral designer working exclusively with flowers which have already been cut from their stems, it was fascinating to see where these flowers come from, how they grow and how large they can get. I also think that every time you get a chance to see a natural wonder, you are not only left with an actual beautiful memory but it makes you appreciate the world that much more.

                                                                         -j.m. barrie

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