Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weigh in Wednesdays: First Month

Every person can have the body they want
                                   -it simply takes effort.

October 7 2010-------------------261
Last weigh in October 7 2011---- 198
Today November 2---------------195

I know it's not a huge drop, but you know what it is......IT'S LESS! AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS!
I only made a few small changes two weeks ago. This week I'm going to try a more specific diet.

1. didn't buy junk at the grocery store
2. eating much more proteins/veggies/fruits
3. 200 crunches/day
4. 100 butt lifts

I feel terrific! The only "problem" with losing so much weight is that I am swimming in my clothes and do not yet want to purchase new clothes, although my underoos were getting so big they we're no longer serving a purpose so I had to give in and get some new ones last night. What a good feeling, I remember being 9 months pregnant and my XXL undies were feeling too tight, it was so nice to just buy and L without a slew of X's in front of it! I'm really starting to feel good about myself again, and I totally got checked out last night at Starbucks!


  1. Wow, how wonderful! I could do butt lifts too, but a crane might have to be involved :)


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