Monday, November 7, 2011


Moments like these remind me how lucky I am.....

When: August 2009
From my beach chair

Where: Kona Village in Kona, Hawaii

Shipwreck Bar at KVR

Why I wanted to do this: I thought it would be fun to try, I knew the resort offered the equipment at no additional charge-but I had no idea it would be SO MUCH FUN!

The beach where we snorkeled

Cost: The flippers, breathing tube, goggles, and even the towels and sunblock are all available at no additional charge to guests of the resort.

KVR Beach

How I was able to afford it: Included! And Thank God! It is very costly to get to Hawaii and stay in Hawaii so luckily there are many things to do and see that are free!

What I would do differently: BOUGHT AN UNDERWATER DIGITAL CAMERA! I do have a bunch of pics from snorkeling but they are terrible and pointless to even post.

Where I swam out way too far

Will I do it again? For sure! It was really hard to get used to breathing underwater, thankfully your brain is aware that this is abnormal. Once I figured out how to do, it was a blast, we snorkeled about 2-3 times every single day we were there

Something I would recommend: Of course, you have to have an open mind, I think it makes a of people uncomfortable but like I said, as soon as you get used to it you are shown "a whole new world" to quote The Little Mermaid.

Make a good gift/surprise? I think so!

Wedding Ceremony area

Was it life changing? Certainly, moments like these for me are a reminder of how lucky I am and what a wonderful life I have. I would be underwater swimming in the clear blue ocean looking at sea turtles, eels and many other strikingly beautiful fish and I would think 'Oh My God, I am swimming in the ocean in HAWAII right now- can this seriously be happening?'

Manta Ray at night

Our routine most days was breakfast/snorkel/shower/bar-lunch/snorkel/shower/bar-dinner

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