Monday, November 21, 2011


Not every experience is all that you hoped it would be....

When: November 2009

Where: The Circular dining room at the Hershey Hotel, in Hershey Pennsylvania

Why I wanted to do this: This was the morning that I was able to cross something else off my life list-  eating black truffles. It was only fitting that I was going to also complete this task with my Aunt. For my birthday about two years ago she gave me a book called “____tastes”( I just cannot remember the name) and this is where I got my idea to try the rare and very expensive French truffle. A mushroom that is hidden beneath the ground and so impossible to detect by humans alone that canines are specially trained to search out this little fungus. It sounded so exotic I just had to try it…and they were in twelve font cursive but clear as the sky itself-this is the only time I have ever seen them on a menu.

Cost: Maybe around $20 for black truffle essence added to my tomato omelet

What would I do differently? Well, I didn't get to enjoy my fancy breakfast that morning but I had always wanted to try them and this was the perfect place!

Will I do it again? NO!!!!

Something I would recommend? I would not necessarily recommend you try black truffles but I do urge you try EVERYTHING that you would like to try and experience.

Make a good gift/surprise? For me- THIS WOULD BE MORE LIKE REVENGE, sneaking truffles into my food would be a very sneaky way to get back at me for something. However for a person who enjoys truffles this would be a tremendous treat as they are EXTREMELY expensive-around $1000/ pound.

Life changing?  Well it is a reminder that just because it is expensive, that does not mean it is incredible. Usually I apply this rule to life because it's  true-things which are cheap in price are usually cheap in quality.

My review of black truffles:   Upon taking the first bite the scent instantly invaded my little unprepared nostrils. It was such a bizarre and awful aroma that I thought 'no this can’t be right.' I was only able to take about two more bites before my body told me it was going to physically reject it if I did not stop now. I couldn’t get this smell out of my nose and the taste off my innocent and unforgiving tongue. I needed to locate a bowl of chocolate kisses immediately. I thought the narrative of the taste of truffles would best be described as a fungus flavored cleaning solvent. I was wrong. Nearly fourteen hours later it was worse, much worse. I am not being dramatic when I say that I’m sure that it would be more correctly associated with what rotting human flesh might taste like. On the plus side at least now I know, it’s off my list and out of my system!


  1. OMG I laughed and laughed, thank you for the gift of laughter! I read it outloud to Bob and he laughed too. You have a quite a way with words!

  2. OOh they sound yucky! I won't be trying them anytime soon!


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