Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weigh in Wednesdays: WEEK 5

Reaching my life goal weight one pound at a time….

Last Wednesday---195
Today--------------192.5  !!!!!!!!   2.5 lbs in one week!

It feels so good to be losing weight! At this time last year I had a one month old, was still in pain from my surgery and did not really care too much about my clothes, make up's not like I totally let myself go, but it is hard when you're over weight to go spend money on these things when you have the mentality of 'I already look like crap what does it matter if I get my hair done-that will just make me fat with highlights'. The only good thing I can say about this frame of mind is that you save a lot of money! Now that I'm starting to feel so good about myself I went this weekend and bought some new Pumas, I have made an appointment to have my hair, eyebrows and nails done- I have to say -it feels good to feel pretty once again. It is also nice to walk around the mall and shop for clothes-how I have missed shopping for clothes! I don't want to spend a lot of money right now because I am still losing weight but it became absolutely necessary for me to buy a few new things-every time I walked up the stairs my pants were sliding down. These are the kind of problems I like to have. It's been so long since I have been able to buy an outfit that I like and look good in-for the past two years it was all about what comfort and simply what would fit-a year ago I strived to look decent, now I'm back to being totally consumed with my appearance.

When I was grocery shopping this weekend, I had gathered all my 'health foods' for the week and wanted to pick up one or two guilty pleasure items feeling like they were deserved but then I looked in my cart and saw nothing but organic foods, fruits, veggies, and healthy proteins and I had this ridiculous urge to impress the Costco cashier with my 'good' food choices. I always look at what others are buying and every time I see someone with only healthy foods I think 'wow-good for them' so I wanted to be that person and it makes it very easy to eat well when you have no other option.

This is what I tried to stick my diet to this week:

Breakfast-raisin bagel

lunch- pickle
       grilled cheese
       cottage cheese

dinner- broccoli with cheese
        scrambled eggs  

and sit ups....lots and lots of sit ups....

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