Monday, January 28, 2013

31 magical hours

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become”

I think it goes without saying that I discovered that I have a real talent for making flowers out of play dough.

To me, the weekend that I had is what life is all about...I began 3 life list items, connected with lots of wonderful people, started several of my goals for the year and spent the whole weekend with a smile on my face. I intend to write about all of these further when I have some pictures and more stories to tell but I just had to briefly share how a few simple decisions in just one weeks time can really change your life.

About a week ago I found an ad for 6 week long 'mommy and me ballet' classes for just $40. I never really had intentions of getting my daughter in ballet but I saw this deal and couldn't pass it up, we had our first class on Saturday morning and it was wonderful!! We had the greatest time, I loved it, Z loved it, the little girls in their tutus were darling and there's no limit to where this dance experience may take my daughter one day.

After the ballet class I went to a reception at the University I graduated from honoring alum from the Department of Arts and Sciences. It was so nice to see some old friends and professors as well as hear speeches from some forward thinkers. This was the first year they held this event and it is possible that it will be held annually from now on which I am so happy about. The college experience for me was a perfect one and this is a great way for me to stay connected to something that was such a huge part of my life.

On Sunday morning I finally started my first volunteer position. I have wanted to volunteer for years and years and have attempted to do so several times but never really worked out. I am volunteering at my church working with the 2 year old kids. It was extremely rewarding and left me feeling like I was making a small difference but a difference none the less. Unfortunately my daughter was sick so she wasn't able to be with me but next week she'll be able to come with me which makes it even better!

After I left the volunteering gig I went to meet with a girl who just moved here from Russia. I signed up to be her 'host family'. She's not moving in with us or anything but I/we will be there to help her get acquainted with the area and act as her family. She doesn't know very many people in Michigan so we will be there for her if she needs anything, spend time together on the holidays or whatever else! I was so nervous about meeting her, this had just come up earlier in the week and I didn't know what to expect-mostly I was worried she wouldn't like me, but we had coffee for 2 and a half hours! She is a LOVELY girl, we have so much in common; we both love languages, have our translation certificates and have a passion for travel and learning new things. They literally could not have matched me with a better person especially since I have a background in Russian. I feel like I've found my calling-taking in foreigners under my wing.

In just 31 hours I indulged in lots of firsts and formed many great new friendship that I hope to last a very long time. In one weekend I feel like my life took off in a different direction, for the better. I feel so great about my life right now and the things that I am becoming a part of. However, unfortunately the only aspect of our weekend was that our little sweetheart was sick....then I woke up this morning sicker than I've been in years!


  1. Aww, sounds like a fantastic weekend and full of many spur in the moment things and all about having a good time. Glad you had a great weekend and that it was full of so many wonderful things.

    The ballet sounds sweet. It's great that you are acting as a host to someone from Russia. It can't be easy moving country and it's great that your so welcoming to people.xx

    1. Thank you!i think it's so important to reach out to those who are new to a country- I cannot imagine how hard that would be!!

      I'm glad we're taking ballet, z hasn't dine many of the moves but I think she likes going.


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