Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 highlights in Photos

I was organizing my photos from the year and it was so cool to see that we did so many neat things this year and I had to share some of my favorite photos from 2012-to read about any of these 'adventures' you can find the links HERE in my 2012 highlights post.  

I bought a giant lobster.

We bought a house.

I made these flowers for someone's wedding.

We went to Gettysburg. 

We started Hula class and danced in a recital.
We took a tour of the Betsy Ross house.
Carriage ride around Philly.
Ran up the famous Rocky steps in Philadelphia.

Ate at the well known Genos.

Went to Valley Forge - twice.

Toured the Haines Shoe House.

Rode the Strasburg Railroad.

I got braces.

We took an Amish Buggy ride.

Spent  whole wonderful month in beautiful Pennsylvania. 

Had an awesome Christmas.

And even got to see Santa's Reindeer.


  1. I think that in 2012 you actually did an awful lot of things, from moving house to the month that you spent in Philadelphia. You went on some great road trips and saw a lot of things more on the spur of the moment, which is often more fun!xx

    1. Yes now that I think of it- most of it was really unexpected and spur of the moment!

      It was a BIG year but I'm hoping this one is much better...for you and cece too!!!


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