Friday, June 15, 2012

My 29th Birthday

Today was my 29th Birthday-this has nothing to do with my life list necessarily but I especially like to post about holidays and celebrations because I think it's important to really give these days your all, look your best, indulge in all your favorite things, and be with those you love the most. Earlier this week I had an idea to try to do a life list item each day. I did try but I was so busy I couldn't really focus on it but I did do a zillion things to my house, which is all part of 'MAKING MY HOME MY SANCTUARY' so I was working on it.

How I spent my day...
Yesterday my husband and I did go out for drinks which I totally needed...but don't want again for a long time.

I woke up and realized that my daughter had not even one diaper to wear, and I had taken the car seat out yesterday. I was not looking forward to trying to figure out how to get it back in, get myself dressed, get her dressed and rush out the door. Luckily my dad called and was in the area and offered to pick up a pack of diapers so it was nice to have a visit from him and my step mom this morning.

Then I took my daughter for a walk in my favorite little town, it ended up being about and hour and a half walk, and it was nearly 90 degrees. Then, my husband took our daughter out to run errands while I picked up the house and got ready for our company. While waiting I met some of our neighbors.

My mom, brother and step dad were coming over as well as this Brazilian family of four I met few weeks ago. I met them at the playground at our former apartment complex - they hardly speak English, in fact the kids do not speak any English at all, and I am in love with this family!! And my daughter is enamored with the two children and they also just adore her. We were spending A LOT of time together before we moved and now I feel bad that she doesn't have her buddies to play with so I invited them over tonight. And it was just darling to watch her glow with her friends around, and show them all her new toys and areas of the house, it was really sweet. The poor little girl though, got a splinter on her hand while she was here and then I smashed her finger in the door. 
My family really enjoyed meeting the Brazilians and I'm sure they enjoyed meeting my family as we are practically the only people they know in this country! It was a good day- just a really good day.... but I have to say that of all my Birthdays I kind felt like this one was the most low key and the least fussed over, which is ok, I didn't feel entitled to anything really big anyhow as I've had so many great strokes of luck lately- I had said I didn't want a party on my 30th- I changed my mind- I want a HUMONGOUS party! 

My husband got me a gift certificate for a massage which I have been dying for!!!  
My brother got me two large, beautiful house plants.
My Aunt gave me custom made stamps- I'll take a picture -they are so cool!
My mom gave cashola- I have been saving for a certain life list item that I will pick up on Sunday !!!!
My sister left me a message with a whole slew of people singing Happy Birthday to me-it was so sweet!
My house.
AND THE BEST GIFT EVER....A few days ago my baby started calling me 'MOMMY' instead of just 'Mama'  ---I've been impatiently anticipating this since the moment she was born! And it's WONDERFUL!!!


  1. So glad you had a nice birthday and got to see your family and your new friends. I said to Bob yesterday...I can't believe Allison is 29! How the heck does this happen?! Seems like my dad should be 60, not my brother! Time flies, so squeezing the juice out of it like you do is the best way to go!

  2. Happy Birthday. Loved your gift from Zeeva! Money can't buy that.


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