Monday, June 11, 2012


I am so excited today to finally have my molds done for my braces! I have had this appointment and canceled it nearly nine times with the same orthodontist but it's today, I'm going and I have the money for it. I could have braces on by this time next month and actually have straight teeth my 30th Birthday!
Many people have told me they don't think I need braces...well, I think they're just being polite. Also, I don't show anyone unflattering pictures- and I have plenty! Once my braces are on I'll show them, usually I know the right way to pose myself so they don't look so terrible but occasionally I forget.

The recital was ALMOST perfect! I wanted to fly under the radar...that did not happen, by the end of our dance EVERYONE knew exactly who we were! I can't wait to share the story and pictures this weekend! Fellow life listers- do you ever do something and then add it your list afterwards because it was such a big accomplishment you feel like it must go on the list? Well that's how I feel about this. I did have 'take Polynesian dance classes' on my list but not perform it on stage! Now that I've done it I have to put it on the list, in many ways it was a big deal and I'm really proud of me and my daughter.

My Birthday week, I just decided this morning that every day this week I will do one LIFE LIST item for my birthday - or at least begin a LIFE LIST item. So today is get the impressions for my braces! I got think come up with something fun for tomorrow!


  1. I think you should toss a coin between having breakfast at Tiffanys or traveling with the National Geographic, either way, think how interesting day after tomorrow would be! :)

  2. Getting Braces was one of the best decisions I have made. Here is my story:

    I totally put items on my list after I have done something amazing. "This should have been on my life list!" Who may inspire someone to add it onto their list as well. There are no laws on life lists except that you can make your own rules. :)

  3. Yay!! So glad that the recital went well and you guys had so much fun, i thought you would do:-) Sounds like it was great and things went to plan!

    Yes i do sometimes do something big or fantastic and then add it to my life list because i know that it's had an impact on my life, that it's really created a memory and experience for me. I did this recently when i added get a meaningful tattoo to my list. I hadn't planned it on my list but am glad i did it as it means a great deal to me. In my opinion life lists are fluid things are added or deleted depending on how your life flows:-)

    Your teeth look good to me but then i am British and we care a lot less than the Americans about our teeth. You guys always have such great and perfect teeth! Really pleased your doing something that's important to you though and that will make a difference for you. Well done for finally going and not putting it off.xx


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