Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hula Recital Today

Today my daughter and I are performing in our first Polynesian Dance Recital. I'm totally nervous, oddly enough it's not so much about my dance as I am terrified that my one year old will run right off the stage due to her lack of dept perception, start screaming and kicking me on stage or that she will push the other dancers ( I don't where she got this from but she only does it at hula class-she loves to push hula dancers!). I was worried about messing up but then I thought-if I screw what? I've only been doing this for eight weeks after all! My great wish would be that I dance perfectly, remember to smile, that I have enough people keeping their eye on my 1 year old to where I can just dance for two minutes, and presumably my baby  looks so unbelievably adorable in her outfit that no one notices me anyhow, and that she is her fun, smiley self and dances around on the stage. Dear Lord, please let this happen today.
         I have thought about backing out of this so many times, including just last night but in the end this is something I will have to share with my daughter forever and that's priceless. And if terrible things happen...well, that's the beginning of a great story to tell.
            I have also decided to remove an item from my list BUY HULA DVD'S AND WATCH THEM EVERYDAY FOR 100 DAYS. This is unnecessary as we are going to continue with our hula classes, the second class begins in two weeks.
            I will have my full review, pictures and maybe even a video for you next Saturday of our Hula Recital....please send my baby good, positive energy and thoughts today!!

This week, I will also return with WEIGH IN WEDNESDAYS and it's my Birthday week and I just decided the perfect way to spend my favorite narcissistic day of the year. I've missed writing and I have so much to share with you and now that I'm moved into our new house and unpacked I will have some more time to do so.

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  1. Hope the hula recital went well and you guys had a blast and loved every minute. Am really pleased you didn't back out and stuck it out despite what the consequences could be. Look forward to seeing the pics and hearing more about it:-)


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