Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.” 
                                                –Dr Seuss 

When: Winter 1999

Where: Novi, Michigan at a banquet center

Why I wanted to do this:  I was 16 years old and I was with my friends Shannon and Dwayne. We were going to a teenage night club. It was terrible, there was hardly anyone there, so after a half hour we decided to leave. Across the street there was a wedding reception going on at a banquet center. We knew our next move.

Cost: free!

How I paid for it: n/a

What would I do differently? I guess nothing. We didn't do it to be rude, we just did it to say we 'crashed a wedding'. We will always have that memory and the couple will too!

Will I do it again? Hhhmmmmm....at the initial thought of this I didn't think I would have the guts to do it again however now that I have had a wedding, been to many and worked in the wedding industry- I think I could pull it off without a hitch. With that being said, I'm glad we did it but I doubt I will ever do this again...maybe I am a real adult after all.

Make a good gift/surprise? No! Like I would not put a friend in the car and say 'I've got a surprise for you!'

Something I would recommend? Well, I always encourage people to go after their desires whatever they may be....although this one is a precarious situation. If you have always wanted to crash a wedding and you are a person who wants to do it just for the novelty of it and a fun story- here are my recommendations; be well dressed, polite, take a gift, do not eat, only get one drink, absolutely do not get drunk or go in drunk, don't make a scene, and mingle! DO NOT do this if you are looking for a free meal and free drinks-that's just assinine.

Was it life changing? Yea, I think every time you do something that's really uncomfortable it makes you a little more brave...or daring rather.

The story:
We pulled into the parking lot of the reception and sat in the car for a while observing and devising a plan. The plan was that we would walk in and pretend we were using the pay phone and then from there just waltz onto the dance floor. Fortunately at this point in our lives we had all had extensive military training and therefore we were certain that this was the most stealthy way to infiltrate a group of people undetected.We dilly dallied for quiet a while in the car and then finally said 'let's just do this' and we walked in. We pretended to use the payphone as previously agreed. Given that pay phones are practically nonexistent these days I'm sure the practice of wedding crashing has died with them, clearly a faux payphone call was the absolute best method of entering a venue to which you were not invited.   Shannon got in line for the bar to get us some pop and Dwayne and I hopped on the dance floor and danced right next to the Bride and Groom! I told the bride she looked pretty. We even danced to three songs! Then I struck up a conversation with a guest, Doug whom I later used as our alibi. After about 30 minutes a groomsman politely asked us to leave and we did quietly. We weren't menaces, we didn't cost them any money, or cause a scene or anything. It was harmless and how many people can say they've crashed a wedding? Seriously though...have any of you ever crashed a wedding? I'd love for you to post your stories below if so!


  1. This makes me laugh cause I just had a conversation with a friend the other night that we should be professional wedding crashers. I asked her, "Do you want to be Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson?"

    I've crashed a few holiday work parties. One party everyone was staring at us but no one had the courage to ask us to leave. It was probably because we were ripping up the dance floor more than they were.

  2. Sounds like fun although i wouldn't have the guts to do it! I'd be mortified if i was asked to leave. Still, it's a great story to tell!


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