Monday, May 28, 2012

Big, big life changes

"Gotta keep busy or the voices or the voices start telling me to do wild things"

I'm still alive!!! I haven't had a moment to catch my breath in the past month or two- there have been some SIGNIFICANT changes in my life, some mind blowing, some overwhelming, some disheartening- and what better way to share some of them with you than with a list! One thing is for sure- my life has changed...actually I feel like I've lived an entire lifetime in the past 8 months so many thing have happened. Here are some of changes in just the past few weeks....

1. One reason I didn't have the time to write was that Joel was in Missouri for a month and it is exhausting being the only parent- at the end of the day I had enough energy to pick up and zone out for a few mins and then it was off to bed- I notice when I am the only one here I sleep A LOT more than I usually do.

2. We bought a house!!! We found this house in January and we just found out just about 2 weeks ago that our offer was approved-It's been INCREDIBLY stressful!!! The house is great, it doesn't need hardly anything but I am very particular and want to do a million things to it. But the best thing about this house is where it is...I have always dreamed of buying a house in this town and now I have one-right in the downtown area-it's perfect!! We've already closed and are mostly moved in. I have a lot to say about the subject and think it deserves it's own post-

3.The day before our offer was approved I received the most exciting email imaginable. I know I've mentioned that I had a book idea and was in the process of taking the necessary steps to land a literary agent, and just a few weeks ago a lit agent asked me for my book proposal! All I will say is that it is a travel book, I'm not telling anyone what it is about because it hasn't been done before. It doesn't necessarily mean anything will come of it, but it gives me a little hope that it's a good idea and it was just an amazing feeling. So...

4. I had to finish my book proposal and send it in. It was a ton of work and I spent a long time working on it and I am pleased and proud to say that I have not only completed it but it has officially been submitted.

5. I mentioned that my daughter and I began a Polynesian Dance class which we've been attending once a week for the past 2 months AND we are performing in a recital June 9th!!!!! What do I get myself into?!

6. We are in the process of packing and moving which is labor intensive and if you have a toddler it is a living nightmare. I feel like it's turning me into a crazy person.

7. I've mentioned that I had some problems with my family, well some relationships have gotten better and some have become much much worse. It has been so hard on me. I just want to lay my head down at night and not have these negative issues with the people I love the most weighing on my mind that make me sad.

8. But even more good news....I'm starting my own business, I have wanted to for a long time now, and I guess I don't really know why I had not. Yet I have received the kick in the pants that I needed. This is only thanks to my life changing friend Toni who ardently recommended my 'talents' to a friend of hers who is getting married in September and I am doing the flowers. Floral designing is something that I had fallen into years ago by dumb luck but I LOVE it, I have the greatest time, it's fun, and creative and there is no better work environment than one surround by flowers. I'm really excited. I'm going to start slow, I have so much going on right now which is fine. I have had some beautiful work experiences as a floral designer and the reward is tremendously fulfilling to make such beautiful things for peoples most special days.

9. I almost forgot- I am so so so excited about this....finally after 15 years of VERY serious consideration....I am finally going to fix my grossly disfigured teeth!! I hate them. This is something that bothers me every day, every time I look at a picture of myself, and makes me so unhappy with myself. I have seen several dentists about this since I was a teen but have always been too concerned with either the cost, discomfort or the idea of being an adult with braces- but every year that goes by I wish I would have done it because it would be over already! 5 years ago I met with an orthodontist and have made and canceled close to 20 appointments but now I finally feel ready. Totally ready to just do it, get it over with and be comfortable with myself. I ought to have them on by the middle of July....if all goes well :)

10. I've come up with the best idea!!!! Maybe I'll save something for later....

This year thus far has been such a rough road but I feel... well, this is how I really feel- like a mountain lion shredded my knitted sweater vest and the tears are delicately and swiftly being sown back together turning it into a silk Versace blouse.


  1. Wow! It sounds like you have some very exciting things happening in your life right now! I look forward to reading about you future adventures :)

  2. Wow! Such fantastic news for you in so many ways. Really pleased that things are going so well for you and i'm really excited about your book proposal:-)

    Great news about your own business, you've always said how much you love doing flower arranging so that's great for you and a great way to increase the financial pot.

    Families are a funny thing, sometimes we have to weather it all out and just keep up our strength. Am glad you've been steering yourself through the storm and the sun is finally shining for you:-)xx

  3. Allison - I didn't know you were starting your own floral business. Our wedding is in May and I have very specific ideas - if you'd be interested in discussing :)


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