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what a place...

This was our hale all to ourselves for one amazing week

It's been a few weeks, but I am going to finish this soon! When we went to Hawaii in 2009 staying at the Kona Village Resort was definitely the highlight of our trip, I know that we would not have enjoyed our trip had we stayed elsewhere. This place is magical and one post would not have done it justice in any way, I have already written about the private beach at Kona Village, the gourmet food and what makes this my favorite place on Earth. After this post today, I still want to share deserving pictures and stories of the staff, the grounds and the cocktails!
Today I'm going to tell you about the 'hale' (thatched roof hut) we spent a week in. When I was planning this trip I knew what I wanted, something very Hawaiian and I found EXACTLY what I was looking for at the Kona Village Resort.
I am not a thrifty traveler and do not stay at budget hotels. Everyone has specific things that are important to them....for me it's the hotel or resort that will make or break your trip. I like to stay at unique, one of kind hotels/resorts which will not only enhance my trip but that will make it unbelievable. With champagne taste and a beer bottle budget this does limit the frequency of my vacations and that's just fine with me! This is how I look at it- I could eat McDonald's every day for a week or I could save my money all week by eating simple meals at home and then reward myself at the end of the week with delicious food at my favorite restaurant....but with resorts...I could care less about food...I literally could eat Salteen crackers all day every day and it wouldn't bother me.

Everything I have to say about this enchanting place was pre tsunami, the village has been closed for the past 2 years and under construction. I have no idea what kinds of changes will be made but I sincerely hope they are minimal. The resort is due to reopen in late 2014, there is no doubt it will book up quickly as many of their loyal visitors are eager to return to paradise. 

In the Village, everyone has their own thatched roof hut or 'hale'  There are several different styles, sizes and locations. Ours was one of the smaller ones in the Village-though much bigger and nicer than an average hotel room.

Comfy bed and sheets. The entire room was completely spotless. Every night we would return to our hale to a complete turn down service-they would close the blinds, turn down the bed and turn on the lamps. I felt like King Kamehameha.
Our sliding doors going out to our patio which faced the lagoon.

I loved it all, the walls, the wooden shutters, the plants- it was simple but perfect. 

I took this picture because I loved the wood on the ceiling, but this is a good opportunity to mention that the hales are not air conditioned.  We were there in August, one of the hotter months and there was only one night where I actually felt too hot-so I took a quick, cool shower which cooled me down and I slept like a baby. With the ceiling fan, the windows open and the nearby breeze from the ocean..I promise you will not miss the A/C...but again, there may be changes being made as we speak. Oh yea, no TV's either. Trust me, when you're in Hawaii, the last thing you want to do is watch TV.

AAAHH...this just makes me smile. This is how you take a vacation.

The view of the lagoon from our balcony.

This was taken in the bathroom, I wish I had a full picture for you, instead you will have to trust my description. It was a large bathroom with an all glass shower, full bubble tub and over sized counter tops. The tub came in use to me...it was the perfect place to cool my sunburned body and the shower was fabulous. You know how most hotel showers are kind of gross and you don't like to linger in them and you certainly don't want to accidentally bump into the shower curtain-this was probably the cleanest and nicest shower I've ever been in...and I loved being in it because the Awapuli shampoo and conditioner they provided you with each day smelled amazing. You were also given a lotion with a similar scent. I still have some that I don't use, I just like to smell it sometimes to take me back.
Each hale is complete with a 'privacy coconut' when you do not want to be disturbed just set this little coconut outside on the steps to your door. 
Across from this little table was a mini fridge, coffee maker and signature Kona Village coffee mugs. Every day they replenished our supply of Kona Coffee, bottled water and choice of soda, for me it was Diet Coke...this was back when I knew it was bad but wanted to remain in denial. It was so wonderfully convenient.

 I think I had a smile on my face the whole time I was writing this. Below are some more of my stories and pictures from this wonderful trip back in 2009.

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  1. Your a typical gemini hon, like good quality products and would rather buy something decent then buy lots of small value things:-)

    Glad you enjoyed the place, looks heavenly! The view from the balcony is devine!xx


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