Monday, March 18, 2013

St Patti's 2013

 Well we had a busy St Patrick's Day! I started volunteering at my church back in January every other week, yesterday was my off week but I received an email on Saturday night desperate for volunteers on Sunday, so I went to the service and then off to the 2 years room...and I'm glad I did I was the ONLY volunteer there with 14 toddlers! Luckily one of the girls who is 'on staff' helped me out. After that I picked up Valeryia (the Russian) and we met up with my mom for lunch. We had a fun time...although while I was chastising my poor mother for mispronouncing her name I was informed that I had actually been pronouncing it incorrectly for the past two embarrassing!!! Not only do I feel like an idiot but I think it's permanently programmed in my head!

Before taking Valeryia home we drove through Starbucks to buy a stranger coffee. Did any of you get a chance to buy coffee for the person in line behind you? Please let me know if you did!! I'm going to do it again on Easter!

After Z took a long nap in the car, we went shopping then the three of us went out to dinner - it wouldn't have been St Patrick's Day without corned beef, cabbage and green beer!




2012- cutest picture ever

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  1. Sounds like a nice Saint Patrick's day! Makes me laugh that you pronounced your Russian friend's name incorrectly for the past two months, i did that to my neighbour for six years, he never corrected me!

    Love the pic of Zeeva at the end:-)


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