Monday, January 20, 2014


When: June 2013

Where: T REX CAFE in Kansas City Kansas

Why this is on my list? I took my daughter on a day of LIFE LISTING fun, we went to Legoland, the Kansas City Aquarium, a train themed restaurant, a crayola restaurant and then I thought if we had time we'd go to this T REX CAFE for dinner...what I didn't realize was that it was in Kansas. As I crossed over the state line into Kansas from Missouri I was thinking how cool this was because it was a new state for me, I was also thinking about the fact that there was not 1 person who even knew I was in Kansas at this point. The T REX CAFE is a sister restaurant to the Rainforest Cafe which we love for the ambiance so to find a dinosaur themed restaurant...this was a no brainer.

Something I'd recommend? This was indisputably the coolest restaurant I've ever been to. I loved everything about it. Every flawless centimeter was in either the Jurassic, Mesozoic or Ice Age motif including the titles of the meals and drinks. I live for places like this! Anything fun, over the top and wild has my full attention and enthusiasm. This place was a million times better than I had hoped it would be, I thought the Rainforest Cafe did a good job with its animatronic jungle creatures and decor-the T-REX CAFE blew them out of the water. I certainly recommend a visit though there are only 2 locations that I am aware of, the other is in Downtown Disney World in Florida.

Will I go again? Are dinosaurs extinct? Of course I'll go again, we were going to go to the one in Disney but there was a really long wait. What I loved about Kansas City was that even though it is not a huge vacation destination we found some of the most unique things to do there. I was a great trip.
The Bathroom..that's hysterical.

For a very small fee you could go inside the play-totally worth it!

2 of my favorite things in 1 place...dinosaurs and huge amethyst  geodes! I was in heaven.  

What's the most unique restaurant you've been to?


  1. That place looks so cool!!! I would love to go to one of those as it looks like great fun and a funky place to eat. Sounds fun and a very unique and quirky place to go. Have to agree, somewhere over the top and full of colour and vibrancy and i am there!xx

    1. Dannie, do you have Rainforest cafes in England? Are you familiar with what they are?

    2. We have a couple of rainforest cafes here in the UK, there is definitely one in London as i walked past it the other day. Have thought of going but it's a little expensive, but definitely looks good fun:-)


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