Monday, January 6, 2014

15 awesome finds at one of Michigan's finest small businesses

Several years ago I found this unique small business in one of my favorite towns in Michigan. Over time I've become close with the lovely family who owns The Birdfeeder/Bonnie and Clyde in Clarkston. They like to offer their customers a large variety of locally made and Mitten inspired products. About 2 years ago I decided to start a blog for the Michigan Enthusiast but have not found the time, recently one of the owners of this family run business mentioned they were looking for someone to blog about their store. Without hesitation I accepted the was not necessarily offered to me...but I accepted none the less.

This family owned store has blossomed over the past 22 years into 3 different, yet combined shops; there's the boutique called Bonnie and Clyde where you can find the latest trends in clothes, jewelry, shoes, belts, scarves...etc. The Birdfeeder is where you can find every thing you need to take care of the wild birds in your yard but also is where you can find home decor items, Michigan made products and gifts. Then they also have The Clarkston Flower Shoppe with a group of very talented designers who love to think outside of the box to create unforgettable floral arrangements.  It's basically all things that I love in one spot. In fact, if I owned a business it would be very similar to this one, so I am very excited about my new opportunity to write about this store that is totally Ultimate Michigander worthy. Though this charming boutique has no shortage of Michigan made treasures you can also find all sorts of other unique goodies...

1. It's so cold in the D koozie from Detroit Apparel Factory out of Clarkston $4

2. Pillow printed on front and back $20.99

3. Women's Made in Detroit sweatshirt $58 company owned by Kid Rock

4.  Unique decorative plant holder $99.99

5. Granite coasters, set of 4 $32.50

6. Lake Art photo album, can be personalized $72.99

7. Assorted winter hats, shown above $38  

8. Made in Detroit fidel cap, multiple colors $25

9. Lionblood tee, created by NFL Detroit Lion's Wide Receiver Nate Burleson, $31

10. Kiss me I'm from Michigan women's tee $28.50

11. Hand carved by a local artist, styles and prices vary.

12. Creative floral designs available. Above shown-arrangement with military statue $225

13. A large variety of custom made signs, styles/sizes/prices vary.

14. Gizaun indoor/outdoor artwork. Styles/sizes/prices vary. Above shown $88

15. Bottle lamps, styles/prices vary.

All of the above items are available at The Birdfeeder/Bonnie and Clyde located on Main Street in Downtown Clarkston, Michigan @ 7150 North Main Street, Clarkston Mi. 248.625.9007.

Disclaimer: Prices are based per item. Most of the above items are made or printed in Michigan. Information printed above is relevant only as of January 2014. 

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What are your favorite Michigan products and/or businesses?

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