Wednesday, December 11, 2013

15 Great Gifts For Your Favorite Michigander

Several years ago I found this unique small business in one of my favorite towns in Michigan. Over time I've become close with the family who owns The Birdfeeder/Bonnie and Clyde in Clarkston. They like to offer their customers a large variety of locally made and Mitten inspired products. About 2 years ago I decided to start a blog for the Michigan Enthusiast but have not found the time, recently one of the owners of this family run business mentioned they were looking for someone to blog about their store. Without hesitation I accepted the was not necessarily offered to me...but I accepted none the less. This Michigander is smitten with the mitten so I am always looking for special little things to represent the greatest state in the country. Though this charming boutique has no shortage of Michigan made and motivated treasures, here are 15 of my favorites...

1. State of Michigan Window Decal $5

2. Michigan Metal Garden Steak $60

3. Michigan Lake Art prices vary, $148 clock shown
   Can be personalized with your name and lake of your choice for an extra fee.
   Multiple Styles available.

 4. Granite Michigan Cutting Board $62.50
    $10 extra to personalize with name.
    Available with or w/out Lion's logo.

5. Detroit Bold Ground Coffee $12

6. Made in Detroit Track Jacket $60 shown
     Multiple colors available in store, prices may vary.

7. Pine Knob Tee or Thermal $31-$48
    Men's and women's styles available.

8. Home Tee $28.50 shown
    Men's and women's styles available, prices may vary.

9. Lion Blood Tees and Hoodies Created by The Detroit Lion's Wide Receiver Nate Burleson
    Men's and women's styles available, prices range from $33-$64

10. Michigan Candle Made From a Wine Bottle $33.99 shown 
      Also available with 'Clarkston' etched on glass

11. Wooden Cutting Board $27.99

12. Made in Detroit Cozy $4

13. Made in Detroit Tumblers $8

14. Michigan Canvas Bag $26.99

15. State of Michigan Cookie Cutter $6.50

All of the above items are available at The Birdfeeder/Bonnie and Clyde located on Main Street in Downtown Clarkston, Michigan @ 7150 North Main Street, Clarkston Mi. 248.625.9007.

The Birdfeeder is also on my list of The Best Places to See Santa in South East Michigan. 

Disclaimer: Prices are based per item. Most of the above items are made or printed in Michigan. Information printed above is relevant only as of December 2013. 

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  1. I wanted to let you know that this blog entry will be featured on the front page of The Oakland Press Sunday!

    1. I was SO excited about this!! Thank you SO much for letting me know!!!! I really appreciate that...I have many more Michigan themed posts to come!

  2. Really liked the candle made out of a wine bottle, very nice. Some fantastic gifts for lots of people to enjoy.xx

    1. This this post was a huge hit! Mostly for Michiganders but I'm glad you enjoyed it as well!

  3. Hi Allison, I enjoyed reading your 15 Great Gifts For Your Favorite Michigander. With your interest in Michigan, I was hoping you could visit my website Michigander Store offers great Made in the USA apparel and gift items featuring Mitch E. Gander©, a goose that enjoys Michigan living. Mitch is an original character created to promote Michigan in a entertaining and positive way. Great fun for kids or the kid at heart. Please let me know what you think of it. Thank you for your time and Happy New Year!
    Tom Karabatakis

    1. Hi Tom! I love your products! That's such a clever idea!! I definitely want to include your website on a future post, I'll be in touch via email, also you can reach me at


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