Friday, December 27, 2013


"The dance is over, the applause subsided but the joy and feeling will stay with you forever.”

Where: Michigan

When: The first was in June 2012, we also were in the recital this past June 2013.

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Why this is on my list: I had no intention of dancing in the recital the first year we joined the class; my daughter was only 17 months old, we started the class late giving us only had 7 weeks before the recital, and I just had no desire to do this in front of an audience. Then one day 'Auntie', the dance instructor, brought in the smallest hula skirt you've ever seen for my baby. She looked so adorable in it I couldn't say no. We had such a blast doing our 1 song the first year that this year we were in 3 dances. My little girl lives for the stage and did incredibly well during both performances, she's already looking forward to the show in June 2014.

Cost: We do not have to pay to be in the recitals and there is a very reasonable fee to be in the class.

Something I'd recommend? Dancing in the recital initially was not anything I wanted to do but I went for it anyhow and these recitals have created some spectacular memories we'll have forever. This is also inciting my daughter's zest to be in the limelight and she's developing a formidable stage presence while giving us mother/daughter moments beyond compare. I had no idea that Hula would become such a large part of our lives and gives us all so much joy.

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Will I do it again? Yes, actually we will be in our 3rd Polynesian Dance recital this June!


  1. Aww, looks so lovely and great fun. Zeeva looks great in that one where she is swishing her skirt, so adorable. It seems as though hula dancing has become an important and fun part of your lives, great to see you guys having an interest and having a whole lot of fun!xx

  2. :) it's such a big part of our lives! And I love the life list goals that I begin/have begun while writing my blog, it's cool to have shared it with you all from the beginning!


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