Friday, December 6, 2013


Today I began a LIFE LIST activity, one of which I have zero prior experience, one which requires the athleticism my body does not posses, and an exercise intended to encompass grace and elegance to the very core of their definitions, but if not done properly will most certainly shame several sophisticated cultures. This LIFE LIST experience was the very obvious next step after getting my braces off. I'm sure you've probably already guessed it by now....that's right, I started ballet class. Yup, I'm regressing. Braces, ballet, and maybe one day soon I'll even learn how to tie my shoes via 'loop, swoop and pull'.

The class I'm taking is Adult Ballet. There are 6 other women in this class which actually began in September so I'm quite behind. Most of these women have been doing this for years and tonight was my very first ballet class in my entire life. It was everything I hoped for in a workout. By the time I left my arms were burning and my leg muscles were shaking so much I felt like they were just going to collapse. It was terrific. A formidable shock to my muscular vascular system- yes, but in a good way. Luckily the movements were so face paced and hard to keep up that I didn't have a lot of time to focus on how ridiculous I looked. Everyone there was so graceful and wearing they're dainty ballet clothing...and here was this ding dong floundering around in mis-matched socks. My goal in the next week before my second class is to get myself a hot little outfit and to spend a lot of time reviewing the steps on youtube. My only saving grace thus far is that I speak French. All the steps in ballet have French names, I feel bad for those who do not speak the language and are trying to learn a difficult art at the same time.

I was hoping that I would be at my ideal weight by the time I got my braces off. Though I have lost a significant amount of weight since having my daughter (i.e. all the pregnancy weight plus 20 pounds) I am not where I would like to be. I'm not miserable but I've been smaller and I remember how good it felt and I know I can get back there. Other than my walking I really haven't exercised since becoming pregnant....that was 4 years ago. I'm ready, I love to work out and I miss it. Years ago, probably when that movie Black Swan came out, I started thinking how ballet dancers have incredibly toned bodies and I added it to my LIFE LIST. Actually I just added 'get a ballet bar workout dvd'. Since we've moved into our house over 1 year ago I've noticed a dance studio nearby. I actually pass it every day and think 'I should check it out and see what they have to offer'. And so I did a few weeks ago, after talking with the owner I decided to start in December.

AH, two of my favorite things-French and Dancing. It's going to take a while before I catch on but I am so glad that I found this place. Nope 3 things, I forgot to mention the Christmas music, I have hit the lottery starting in December-all our dances are to songs from The Nutcracker. I'm in heaven already, and if I can tone up a little too, that would be even better.


  1. Aww that is cool that you get to do dances to the Nutcracker:-) It's really great that you plucked up the courage to go along, i actually probably wouldn't have as i wouldn't have liked the thought of looking an idiot infront of people who knew what the were doing!

    Glad that you are having fun and pursuing your favourite things.xx

    1. Oh I totally look imbecilic! And these ladies are straight from black swan! Every moment there is fairly embarrassing, BUT there's a chance that it might lead me down a path of poise and grace :)


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