Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The best gift you could give is one that is life changing.

When: September 2001

Why I wanted to do this: It was a gift from my grandpa.

Cost:  Around $130/lesson....you can occasionally find a deal on WWW.GROUPON.COM 

How I paid for it: It was a gift!

What I would do differently: Made a bigger deal about, taken pictures, told people...I don't think anyone even knew I was taking a flying lesson. Also any research you can do beforehand is a plus.

Something I would recommend? Yes! 

Would I do it again? Absolutely! And that's coming from a panic flyer. I would love to get a pilot's license...that way if there is ever an emergency on an airplane I could jump in and save the day....I have no shortage of heroic fantasies.

Was it life changing? Yes! It opened my eyes to experimental gift ideas, I think it jump started my adventurous spirit and it made me realize that really ANYONE CAN DO ANYTHING---ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LEARN HOW.

My experience:
            Yes, I took a flying lesson-the girl who hyperventilates when she steps foot on an airplane while it’s still parked and attached to the terminal. My husband tells me that he will no longer indulge my in-flight hysteria since I was brave enough to jump out of an airplane and take a flying lesson. Obviously this was ‘pre’ fear of flying. The day I showed my skydiving video to my grandparents, my grandpa stood up and walked into his room. I thought he that maybe he was mad at me but he came out a minute later with a gift certificate for an initial flying lesson he had been given. He handed it to me and said that he thought I would enjoy it and he’s done it before anyways. I was so excited-what a great surprise! So I scheduled my lesson a few weeks later. I don’t think I even really mentioned it to anyone-I must have been more low key back then, besides I’m sure my friends would not have believed me if I said ‘o by the way I flew an airplane this afternoon’.
I had no idea what to expect, nor did I have any knowledge of aircrafts. I took it for what it was, a new and exciting experience. The pilot walked me around the plane and pointed out all the parts of the plane and told me the lingo-I didn't know if I was supposed to be taking notes and I would be quizzed on them before we took off- I’m sure he could tell that I was not serious about becoming a pilot so we skipped the quiz.  We got inside the two-seater and were off! The lesson lasted over an hour and I did actually get to fly the plane myself for a longer time than I suspected anyone would ever allow me to. But my lesson became more of an excursion when he asked me to ‘turn’ the plane. I said ‘No way, I’m not doing that the plane will tip over!’ he said ‘trust me this plane cannot tip over’ I told him I didn't believe him and I wasn't doing it. What an absurd thing to say ‘the plane can’t tip over’-I’m no fool! I already cheated death once that summer in an airplane, I was not about to tempt my fate again. I wasn't asked to fly the plane any longer.
 After we landed I thought how much fun that was and perhaps I could continue taking lessons- I mean how great would that be to have a pilot’s license! It’s kind of like being a doctor! I inquired before I left and I after I discovered how expensive it was I forgot all about it. It was a great experience that I’ll never forget and I think it was then that I realized that experimental gifts are much more valuable and fun.
And, who knows...maybe I will take another lesson one day!


  1. Your stories are awesome. I enjoy reading them even if I have heard them before.

  2. You never fail to put a smile on my face, thanks!


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