Thursday, April 7, 2011

That's NOT for Me! : Drink Moonshine


I think trying Moonshine would be a great thing to put on a life list. A guy’s life list. I just always thought I it would be such a neat thing to do-just not for me! A dainty little flower like me couldn’t handle it, that’s for sure.  My assumption that goes along with drinking a shot of Moonshine is that it would burn my nostrils, tongue, esophagus and the lining of my stomach which would lead to a permanent loss of taste and smell, trouble swallowing and complications digesting food. I could even throw up. Or in the worst case scenario it would lead to brain swelling and memory loss.  I mean I don’t know if these things would happen or not, but I’m pretty sure that they probably would.  So-not for me personally but it would be an interesting experience for someone else to have, and I'd if anyone has I'd love to hear what what it was like!

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