Friday, April 29, 2011



BLOG- I should say it’s going pretty well, I’d like to have more than 13 followers myself included- but I’m having fun, hopefully making you smile and more importantly writing these stories for my children to one day read. A friend of mine came over last weekend and taught me a few things-how to add links and pictures. I was informed that are books on the subject-I had no idea what a big movement blogging has become-after all spell check still underlines it red! It is kind of hard to find the time, I write when my daughter sleeps – while trying to tackle a million other things. If only I had someone to clean my house, run my errands, premake the coffee and sit on hold for me until the inconveniencer gets back on the line. Currently my husband mans this position, which is unfair because he does work two jobs in order to afford the luxury of me being a stay at home mommy. O to have a butler, that would be my biggest splurge item if I were rich…
WALK 5 MILES-O YEAH RIGHT! It was going so well, but then it snowed on the 17th of April, we had wind advisories, it rained for 5 days straight, tornado watches, and thunderstorms, so I’m just going to start all over, I am aiming for the first of May. It’s not like it was for nothing, I feel like my clothes are getting looser and my shoulders don’t look like a linebackers any longer.
DONATE BREAST MILK-  I called yesterday and got the ball rolling! It began with a short phone interview and moving forward there is paperwork I have to fill out, I have to have blood work done and my Dr. and Z’s Dr. have to approve it. I am so happy to begin doing this, the milk goes to babies who are born as early as 23 weeks, and it also goes to cancer patients. Breast milk is AMAZING! It is the best thing for any baby other than love. This is a non profit organization, they pay for all the blood work and they will be sending me cooler, storage containers and labels-it will come in with pre paid postage and all I will have to do is drop it off at a UPS drop box. I was wrong about the amount, the minimum is 200 ounces, not 100 ounces-we’ll see how long this takes me, milk can only be stored for 3 months but the need is so urgent they ask that you send what you can right away and they will resend the cooler. Ladies PLEASE just take a look at the website.
CHURCH-I began last week for our Easter service and it was wonderful! We attend the greatest church, it’s not anything you would ever expect church to be like. There’s a café and you can bring your coffee into the auditorium, everyone wears jeans and the music is that of professionals-literally several of the musicians are actually from the commercials. It’s comical, it’s touching it is a church for everyone, except the elderly, I don’t think they would really get it-it is anything but traditional.
 Along with my husband and daughter came my mom and a friend of mine but ten minutes into the service I could tell my baby getting sleepy and it’s so loud but fortunately they have a room designated solely for nursing mothers. There are big soft comfy sofa chairs, low lighting and a tv so you don’t miss the service.  My little girl fell asleep in my lap and it was so relaxing and sweet so we stayed in there until the service was over. It could not have been nicer. I did feel bad for daddy though, he could have come back there and knocked on the door and we could have sat in the room designated for families with small children that is a big room filled with couches and Tvs. They do have a very nice daycare facility that is actually separated into different age groups but I am not willing to leave my baby with anyone yet.
 I am so happy to be going back, I feel like it gives me clarity and guidance and reminds me to try to do the best that I can, it gives me advice on being a good spouse and parent. I would love for anyone who’s interested to join us for a service sometime, Kensington does have several locations nationwide, click here for the website.

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