Saturday, April 23, 2011

That's NOT for Me! : Ride a Bull

            If my bones were made of titanium and I could wear a thin armor capable to withstand one thousand angry pounds and then the Lord Himself came down and assured me that I would not have spinal damage, my brain smashed or my organs squished, then I would ride a bull. Now, I know that I do have ‘ride a longhorn bull’ on my list-this is very different. This is a longhorn in Fort Worth Texas that an older man straps a saddle and reins to and strolls people around down the street that was featured on the Travel Channel. This seems to be quite safe.
      What I am talking about here is a bucking bull that is let loose from a corral and you hold on for dear life until you are inevitably and violently tossed off. What a rush! Surely this sounds ridiculous-who would ever ride a bull? Well, my husband has I am proud to say. If he had the video and pictures I would post them, which I did actually learn how to do today! When he rode, it was under the scrupulous supervision of his buddy who was a professional bull rider. Yes, I believe he put the bull in the enclosure, and opened the door. By doing it this way there was no fee for my husband but if I were to suggest it to someone I would recommend going through this wonderful company called Cloud 9 Living that gives the not-cowboy individual the opportunity to have a thrill ride of a lifetime. I wish I could take the bull by the horns and enroll in bull riding school but I have broken too many bones and had too many surgeries to inflict this torture on myself. Plus, I have been thrown off a horse-it is not only painful but the mental agony of laying on the ground with your head covered wondering ‘where is this horse going to step on me and will it kill me, paralyze me, or break my bones was a life experience I do NOT wish to relive. P.s. the horse did not step on me thankfully.


  1. LOL I would love to see you flipping out going half a mile per hour on a 50 year old bull. Love it!

  2. :) It would be so thrilling!!! Can you imagine it-me in a bicycle helmet, leather chaps, pumas and big smile as i'm lead down the street! I can't wait-that's why I got excited at the idea of going to texas!


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