Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Where: The Inn At 909 Lincoln in Savannah Georgia. 

When: August 2013 on our drive to Disney World.

Cost: We had booked the Ginger Mercer room for Saturday night at $180...then Elaine, the owner, offered us a discount for Friday night after an email exchange where I mentioned that we would be in Savannah a day early. It was a steal at $99, even at the full price, it was a steal. It is worth every penny for an incredible room, exceptional personalized service, gourmet breakfast, cocktails, music, flowers and an overall unique experience.

Why this was on my list:  I have always wanted to stay in a Bed & Breakfast and wanted to do so in an area where it was fitting. When I was looking on TripAdvisor this Inn appeared to be the nicest one I saw. There were several Inns and Hotels that were more expensive-so you'd expect more- but the Inn at 909 Lincoln looked more beautiful than all of them and included more.

Will I stay there again? Oh my YES. I will return to Savannah and when I do, I wouldn't dream of staying elsewhere. The whole time we were there we talked about how much our families would love this Inn and agreed to plan a trip with some of our family members. There are 3 rooms in the house and it would be a blast to have it filled with the company of our loved ones. We both agreed that we would not have enjoyed our time in Savannah had we stayed elsewhere, the Inn at 909 Lincoln made our trip extraordinarily special.

Something I'd recommend? Most of the B & B's in Savannah are adorable, well kept and each one unique, though I would emphatically recommend 909 Lincoln...because, well... it was stunning. From the loveliest parking 'lot' I've ever seen to the fancy toilette handle around, this place was pristine and all the little touches made us feel like royalty. The innkeeper Elaine was truly the hostess with the mostess, I would like to have talked to her more but my daughter only allows me to have 15 second conversations.

 I guess it'll just be easiest to share photos of all the reasons you should stay here.

 Our private balcony complete with outside fan

 Fancy gourmet breakfast prepared by the owner herself

Beautiful bathroom

Clawfoot bathtub 

The best looking 'flusher' I've seen

 Ginger Mercer room-absolute perfection

Antique furnishings and window treatments  

Fireplaces and oil paintings

Chandeliers in every room

Claw foot antiques
Not a stone left unturned

Dining room

Stairway to the the bedrooms

Gated parking area
Fountain inside parking courtyard

Help yourself cocktails

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  1. Romantic and elegant, just what a Bed and Breakfast should be! I am sold, next time I get in the vicinity, I am giving them a call. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Glad to hear it! you won't be disappointed!

  2. I love B&B's, my newest discovery is AirBnB and I have been a guest in someone's home using their spare bedroom. It is very cheap, and similar to a bed and breakfast except most times you are the only guest. The first airbnb I stayed in, the couple made me the most amazing breakfast spread! It was only $40 a night!

    1. I"ve heard of that, but dang what a GREAT DEAL!!!


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