Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The hostess city of the south is a place unlike any other. Sweet Savannah you have cast your spell over me...

Where: Savannah Georgia

When: August 2013, we stayed 2 nights in Savannah on our drive down to Disney World. I will just briefly say that I wasn't too keen on flying to Florida, so after I made my case I knew I couldn't drive from the top of the country to the bottom without crossing something else off my LIFE LIST! When I saw that one route took us through Savannah, I knew that would be the one! I quickly got to work, this mini trip was only added about 1 month before we left.

Why this is on my list: I remember when I put this on my LIFE LIST years ago, every other destination has something (or many things) I want to do there; hold a panda bear in China, see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Ride a camel in Egypt. There was nothing in particular I was dying to do in Savannah, except see the city itself. I thought this would be one of those things I would probably do later on in life...you know, after I did all the really exciting things. I'm glad I didn't wait too long, where our activities in Savannah did not conjure up any adrenaline rushes there were several sights that actually took my breath away.

Will I go again? Not a doubt in my mind. I hope this is a place I continue to visit for the rest of my life.

Something I'd recommend? Gentility, charm, and grace were my first and lasting impressions of this lovely city. Savannah is hauntingly beautiful, rich with history, and is draped not only with Spanish moss but an enchanting essence that will leave my heart mesmerized.

This city is so enchanting in fact it's hard to believe it's real, it almost seems like you're on a movie set.
The streets are kept remarkably clean.
The organic landscape mixed with these stunning architecture that housed many famous people who attributed so much to our culture and history.
And that sweet southern drawl is as captivating as you would hope.

I cannot say that Savannah is a great destination for children, though I am glad we went. Even though certain things were not ideal for our energetic toddler, it was perfect and I will keep forever the feeling Savannah embodies.


  1. Savannah is gorgeous. I love the spanish moss off the trees. Beautiful.

    1. I had always thought it was willow trees! I didn't realize it was Spanish moss until I was there!


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