Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Where: Old Savannah Tours

When: August 2013

Cost: For $22/per person (our 2 year old daughter was free) we could take the ninety minute tour...for $4 more per person we could take the tour on that Friday, then the next day could ride the trolley all day, hop on and off whenever we wanted AND they picked us up at our B&B and dropped us off afterwards. I probably would have said no to that, but luckily it was my husband who purchased the tickets and I'm glad he did. Having access to the trolley for the entire next day was highly beneficial.

Why this is on my list: I've always wanted to ride a trolley, though I was leaning more towards riding a trolley through the streets of San Francisco, but when I found a Trolley ride through St Louis, I thought 'what the heck, let's do it now!' I was so glad we did, it was such a great way to see parts of the city that I would have missed on foot and it was an ideal place to gather travel info. Now that I know what a veritable fountain of knowledge taking a tour can be, sign me up anywhere and when I saw it in Savannah it was added to my list! I'm thinking of adding that onto my LIFE LIST- take a trolley ride in every major U.S. city.

I love the legend this statue represents! That's so something I would do!
Something I'd recommend? Definitely. For some travelers I know this sort of thing seems 'too touristy', my thoughts on that are.... if you're looking for something 'non touristy'...go to Guam. Taking this Trolley tour really enhanced our trip, there were many sites we saw that we would not have been the wiser had we not been on this tour. For instance, several POI's from the movie Forest Gump were pointed out and scenes from the movie Julia Roberts stared in called 'Something To Talk About' were also filmed in Savannah.The major historical points were explained either by the driver or a theatrical host who hopped on at one of our stops. Our time spent on the Old Savannah Tours stayed with us throughout our entire trip and even made our long drive home from Florida to Michigan enjoyable.
 One of the many benefits to purchasing the 'on and off' pass was that we were able to have a different experience with each driver. Most of them were likable, one we found distasteful, but one...Chris, who happened to be our very last driver was so funny and so charming with his thick Savannahian (?) drawl that we spent our 2 day drive back to Michigan quoting the hilarious things he said in our impressive southern accents....and 3 weeks later he still has us rolling! This was easily the most fun we had while in Savannah.

The above location was named one of the most haunted homes in the US.

Will I do it again? Actually we were going to do it again the next day! We had taken the 90 minute tour the day before but we were having so much fun on Chris's tour that we were going to stay on for the entire 90 minute tour again, but it was his last of the day so that's when we decided to hop off and try to make it to Wormsloe Plantation. This was an excellent way to see Savannah and one of our favorite aspects of our trip.

Some of the things we saw on the tour.......
No biggie...just the 'hanging square'. 
The square where Tom Hanks infamously sat on a bench waiting for a bus in 'Forest Gump'.

This beautifully detailed building used to be a FORD dealership!
Julia Roberts filmed a scene at this pub for the movie 'Something to Talk About' 

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