Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oh how I love what I do...

A few days after we returned from our fun trip to Disney World I had to get crackin on a wedding I had booked with one of my husband's co-workers earlier this year. I've done weddings for years but just last year I started doing it out of my home with 1 wedding, this year I have 3 weddings and 1 bridal shower! And I love it! It's stressful, fast paced, and a lot is resting on my shoulders but it is also an incredibly rewarding job. 

The above photos are courtesy of Amanda Dumont 

Below are some of the pictures I took while me and my husband were setting up. Joel always helps me out on my wedding set ups and we make a great team!

The Bride requested that I add remnants of her mother's bridal hat to her bouquet along with a special charm. 
A total of 15 centerpieces.

I was so happy with these bouquets and in particular the Brides. 

Comments from the Bride....

"I loved everything that you did!!! You are amazing!!!.....thank you, everything was perfect....I really couldn't be happier with everything you did! You have a real talent girl!!"

And I couldn't be more pleased to have been a part of this sweet couples' very special day. It is wonderful feeling to know that I was able to make a Bride and Groom so happy and to receive such gracious compliments. 


  1. Wow!! All that really is superb and you have done a fantastic job. The flowers look so beautiful and you have put so much effort in to it. The brides bouquet is beautiful and i love how you have incorporated remnants of her mum's bridal hat.

    I wouldn't have thought about all the little details such as the centre pieces. All those lovely roses in glasses. It just gives it a fantastic touch. Great work:-)

    1. Thanks Dannie! It's very stressful because a lot can go wrong with flowers but it is also so rewarding and FUN! What's not to love about being around flowers all day!

  2. The bouquets are my favorite. So absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Oh CeCe thank you! What a nice compliment!!


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