Wednesday, June 26, 2013

30 Awesome Adventures On Allison's Big 30th Birthday Trip

30 AAOABTBT for short. I did not have a lot of time to plan my last minute trip to St Louis Missouri  so many of these were spur of the moment but they all were great and several had been on my LIFE LIST for quite some time now. These are the adventures I will be writing about in the upcoming months. It has certainly been a good year....

1. African Safari Drive Thru-LIFE LIST/Ohio

2. Cinderella Carriage Ride-LIFE LIST/ St Louis
3. See the Gateway Arch in St Louis-LIFE LIST/ St Louis
4. Stay at the Hyatt At The Arch Hotel-LIFE LIST/ St Louis
5. Ride a Trolley-LIFE LIST/ St Louis
6. Visit a Sculpture Garden-LIFE LIST/ St Louis 
7. Eat Kobe Beef- LIFE LIST/ St Louis 
8. Go to the top of the Gateway Arch-LIFE LIST/ St Louis 
9. Gateway Arch Museum-Travel Tips/St Louis 
10. Tour a Brewery- LIFE LIST/ St Louis 

11. See the most beautiful building in the world- LIFE LIST/ St Louis 
12. Go to the St Louis Zoo- Travel Tips/St Louis  
13. Touch Sting Rays and Sharks- LIFE LIST/ St Louis 
14. Eat at the St Louis Bread Co- Travel Tips/ St Louis 
15. Spend my Birthday somewhere else- LIFE LIST/ St Louis Missouri
16. Ride a camel-LIFE LIST/ Ohio
17. SEA LIFE Aquarium-Travel Tips/ Kansas City 
18. Jesse James Bank Museum-Travel Tips/Liberty Missouri 
19. T-REX Cafe- LIFE LIST/ Kansas City Kansas 

20. Arthur Bryants-LIFE LIST/ Kansas City Missouri 
21. World of Fun-Travel Tips/ Kansas City Missouri
22. Oceans of Fun-Travel Tips/ Kansas City
23. Legoland-Travel Tips/ Kansas City MO
24. See the KC public library-LIFE LIST/ Kansas City MO
25. Crayola Cafe-Travel Tips/Kansas City MO
26. Rail Road Restaurant-Travel Tips/ Kansas City MO
27. Kansas City Botanic Garden-Travel Tips/ Kingsville MO
28. European Bungee-LIFE LIST/ Michigan 
29. The Old Courthouse Park-Travel Tips/ St Louis MO 
30. See the World's Largest Cross-LIFE LIST/ Effingham Illinois 

These are just the things I did on this recent 10 day vacation...I still have to write about my Chicago adventures, I have 5 Groupons waiting to be used, we have a trip to Disney World coming up- not to mention ALL the other things in the works!


  1. Wow, you definitely did a lot of things for your bday, which is so fantastic! Pretty cool to say you got to do 30 adventures for your bday. Can't wait to read more about them.xx

    1. I can't wait to share them! It's been such a wonderfully busy summer and I think I want to post all my Disney blogs first so at least 1 trip will be caught up!


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