Thursday, June 27, 2013


  I can say one thing....I am NEVER bored. Aside from all the traveling we've been lucky enough to do lately, here is a list of the things I am also working on every day...ok well some days it's more mental but they are constantly in the works. I like to call them my 'currentLLIs' my "current Life List Items".

1. Fixing up our house- Obviously this is going to take a long time to achieve my LIFE LIST goal of living in my dream house but I cannot believe all the work we (my husband) have done in just the first year.


2. Polynesian Dance- I hope I do this for the rest of my life. I absolutely love the Hula Dance classes I take with my daughter. In just one year we took 4 nine week classes and danced in 2 shows! What was once just an item on my LIFE LIST is now such a big part of our lives.

3. Reaching my life long goal weight- I've been working on this goal for a long time now. My progress has been pretty stagnant lately so I've decided to get serious and today happens to be day 4 my new diet/exercise plan. I have come a long way, in just over 2 years I have lost 100 pounds but now have to really put in the effort to obtain my LIFE LIST dream body.

4. Become debt free- This has been in the works for several years now but we recently took some very serious and major steps to make this happen SOON....LIKE REAL SOON. I am very excited to how life changing this will be for my family. Crossing off this LIFE LIST item will be surreal.

5. Making a blanket- This will actually be the second blanket I have made in my life, though this one is proving to be far more labor intensive than the previous. I am realizing that if I am to reach my goal of finishing it by Christmas I will have to get busy!

6. Reading the George Bush autobiography- I had decided to add to my LIFE LIST 'Read 1 book about each U.S. president'. I am currently on the first one, working backwards. Surely after President Obama's term ends he will write his own book and I'll try to read that one as soon as it comes out in order to keep up. This is going to take me a very long time....I have a 2 year old...that does not leave a lot of leisure time for reading. Which is fine, I know that one day, sooner than I'd like, she'll prefer to be with her friends and that will leave me with more time than I want to catch up on my reading. I started this book 6 months ago...I still have 100 pages to go.

7. Disney World trip- this is quickly approaching...not that we have airplane tickets yet ( I'm totally putting off buying them) but this trip is right around the corner. Happily our package is paid for in full and we will only need a small amount of spending money. I am beyond excited to see the look on my daughters face! And she too is over the moon thrilled and talks about our trip to see the princesses constantly. I am sure it will be nothing but magical. I have not 'crossed' this off my LIFE LIST even though I have actually been to Disney World twice because I was young and I would not only like to experience it as an adult but with my daughter!

8. Growing Sunflowers and a Pumpkin patch- well I was very excited about the planting I did before we left for our trip, having a sunflower garden and a pumpkin patch have been on my LIFE LIST forever. Our sunflowers were actually getting pretty tall and one of the first things I looked forward to doing when I got home was to see how much bigger everything got....I was a little disappointed to see that my dad had mowed over everything I had planted, they were in kind of odd locations so I can see how it just looked like weeds or overgrowth to him. I didn't say anything, I know he was trying to be very sweet and helpful allowing us to come home to a freshly mowed lawn. It was bitter sweet. Especially since I had planted those with my daughter and we checked on them every day together for the past 30 days. Of course I am not going to mention it to my dad, I don't want him to feel badly about it. We'll plant more.

9. Volunteer- I have been a volunteer for 6 months now! I have tried so many times over the years to volunteer and I swear nobody wanted me. During the recession I would joke that I couldn't get job...not even one where I'd work for free! They have given me the summer off which I needed. The location is not very close to my house and it was hard to plan around it on Sundays. I'll begin again in the fall, I do really enjoy it and plan to do this long term. Volunteering was on my LIFE LIST way back when I only had about 15 items on it!

10. Weddings- Last year I did 1 wedding for a friend of a friend...this summer I'm doing 3 plus a baby shower for a family member. I am happy to help out these friends and family members but I will be happy when it's over. When I made these commitments I was not working and now that I am it is a bit more of a challenge in terms of scheduling. Doing the flowers for weddings (out of my house) had been a career driven LIFE LIST item, I'm glad that I have a the ability to help some friends out.

11. My book proposal- In December a literary agent told me she was very interested in my book, however she felt that my proposal needed a lot of work. At first I felt defeated and was intending to just move on...then it dawned on me that she is in fact INTERESTED so next week I am taking the whole week to work on it and re send it to her. This LIFE LIST item was something I had no intentions of

12. Join the Daughters of the American Revolution-This is a long story and trying to join is a LONG process....and a lot of work. This has been a LIFE LIST goal I've had for several years now, it's just difficult to get started on.

13. My blog- I love writing my blog. I would like to have more time to work on it, it is very time consuming but certainly worth it! It's a constant work in progress.

14. Braces- I cannot believe I have had my braces for nearly 1 year this time last year I was so apprehensive and nervous. When I got them on July 12th, I HATED it-it was a very challenging adjustment to get used to. Now, I hardly even notice them and I rarely feel embarrassed about it. I only have a few more months and I will FINALLY reach my LIFE LIST goal of the past 13 years of having straight teeth!

15. For the past 6 months I've been getting things lined up to....go back to school-it is not set in stone yet but I have finally made a decision on which direction I want to take as the stars just sort of aligned themselves in a way I cannot pass up. If I do manage to begin this fall it will only be 1 class...but if I am to be realistic it'll probably be more like in the winter.


  1. Wow!! So many things you have been working on. I can't believe how much you have achieved over the past month with your bday goals and then your long term goals that are well under way. You really have been working hard on it all:-)

    Great news about the plans to go back to school, that is a big one and a pretty cool thing to do. Can't wait to hear more about it.

    Have been rubbish at reading and keeping up to date with blogs, so will read your other posts over the weekend and comment then. Take care.xx

    1. Thank you Dannie! I feel super busy, but it is so awesome to be busy achieving all my dreams!


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