Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Braces: almost there!


I am two weeks shy of having my braces for 11 months already. It is so strange how used to them I have become. I really don't even think about it anymore...which is a far cry from the way I felt the first few months I had them! And I do not even feel embarrassed at all any longer...instead of feeling embarrassed like I did in the beginning I kind of feel proud, because under these braces are some pretty straight teeth! And I know that it's not too much longer now at all! 

Initially they told me 12-18 months. I went in last week and they put on my LAST set of wires...my next appointment is in just 3 weeks where they will do some of the 'fine tuning' which will only take a few weeks. I have it in my head that it'll be 4 more months (just so i'm not disappointed). My orthodontist DID say that I will definitely not have to go the full 18 months. There's still just that one tooth that will not cooperate, but my ortho said that this will be the 'fine tuning' he's talking about. 

I've decided that I'm going to have a large celebration when I get them off! I'm going to invite everyone I know to one of my favorite bars....I should probably have my make up done too so I really look AMAZING! I gotta say this is also a real motivator to try to lose some more weight!

Ok I am blown away by the above before and current (taken 1 minute ago) photos...so I'm going to post them again below!

I am so happy :) 


  1. Looking good! Your teeth have definitely changed a lot. I guess they are almost there now, since i am reading your blog so late on!

    1. Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary of having my braces! I have to say I really am proud of myself and SO OUT OF MY MIND HAPPY that I finally did it!


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