Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hawaiian Dance Recital

One year later and I'm still meaning to write about our FIRST hula recital, I'll get around to it soon...and then soon after that I'll tell you all about our SECOND recital which was Saturday, I'll have lots of pictures and videos I want to share soon but I just wanted to say that it was AMAZING!
  I cannot believe that what was once just an item on my LIFE LIST has become such a big part of not only my life but my daughter's as well. We started over a year ago, when Z was only 18 months old and I think that getting her involved so young is one of the best decisions I could have made for her. Being in this class has made her confident, sociable, mature, and given her strong roots of a talent that she will hopefully stay with forever, and that's only at 2 years old!
  When I put this on my list, I did so just thinking it would be fun to take a Hawaiian dance class, I had NO idea, nor any intentions to stay with this for an extended period of time, perform on stage, and become part of a family. That's why I love my LIFE LIST so much- you write something down as a simple idea and have no clue where the adventure will actually take you or how it will change your life...
  I'm already planning to take a summer class which will be different, this is more advanced and will be adults only. The mommy and me class will begin again in the fall.

Hula Recital 2012


  1. It's great when that happens, when something you do on your life list sparks off something else that results in a big change to your life. That's what's so awesome about doing these life lists, it really is one big adventure!

    1. it's amazing, and to think that this is such a big part of Z's life already and who knows...she might keep with it her whole life! I feel like our instructor and the classes have been a true gift to my family!


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