Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm back....I went: MISSOURI

I know a few weeks ago I wrote a Debbie Downer post about not doing anything for my birthday or father's day because my husband would be out of town and I had to work...Well it's amazing what kinds of things will happen when you're just honest with people and talk about things.
     I would have loved to go with my husband on his 3 week trip to Missouri since I've never been there and have always wanted to see the Gateway Arch but I had to work and since I've only been at my new job a short amount of time I didn't want to ask for the time off. I thought it would really be pressing my luck because I just took some time off to spend April in Chicago.
      Then I decided to just tell my boss that I'd like to go spend my birthday and Father's Day with my husband....and she was totally fine with it! Had I not spoken up we would have just sat at home that weekend and literally not have done anything. Instead- we went on a 10 day Awesome 30th Birthday Trip where we went on 30 adventures!! So the plan was to leave on Friday June 14th and drive 9 hours to St Louis. I was waiting to leave because I had to work on Wednesday June 12th, but then I came down with a terrible soar throat and my boss told me I didn't have to come in the next day. I said ok, well then we'll leave tomorrow! So on Tuesday evening, which was also the birthday party my family was having for me, I stayed up late packing and getting ready to leave in the morning. It was all VERY LAST minute, but luckily I'm a road tripping pro so it all came together with great ease for me.

I was a little leery about being sick and going on a road trip with my 2 year old and was hoping that it didn't get worse or that my daughter didn't get it....both things did happen. It wasn't so bad and we were both feeling better my the time we got to Kansas City.

Overall it was a WONDERFUL trip! We had so much fun, I got to see 2 states I've never been to before and I crossed off MANY LIFE LIST items. I know I haven't even finished writing about all our activities from Chicago but I'm going to get started on these right away.

My husband was in Kansas City for work and on June 14th he met me and our daughter in St Louis. The irony of the movie "MEET ME IN ST LOUIS" is certainly not lost on me and I couldn't pass up a magnet that bore the title. We spent just 2 nights in St Louis but they were filled with tons of activities, an incredible hotel and the best birthday I have ever had! From St Louis we followed Joel to Kansas City (5 hour drive) where we spent the next week. I was not nearly as fond of Kansas City as I was St Louis but we had a great time anyways! We met tons of people, tried many things and got to know the Mid West.

I have to say, I always thought of myself as an East Coast girl- not any more! I just hadn't given the west a chance. Actually this was my first road trip out West as an adult. I've taken 19 trips to the East Coast in my Adult life and I think I need a break from New England.

What a road trip, what a birthday, what an adventure!


  1. Glad you had an incredible birthday and trip! Can't wait to hear more about it.

    1. Thank you! I feel very inspired to do this every year from now on, I'm already planning a trip for my31st birthday!

  2. Oh wow!! You certainly planned a lot in to that 30th birthday trip. That's pretty cool that you are so good at last minute road trips, i would love to be more spur of the moment, but find i end up having to plan so much.

    You are definitely a last minute road trip pro!!

    1. I gotta say having an iphone is a BIG aid, and the fact that I have already done so much travel research for every area of the planet!


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