Sunday, June 2, 2013

a life list a 2 year old can be proud of

As I am planning some of our incredible adventures for this summer I was thinking about ALL the amazing things my little 2 year old daughter has already done in such a short amount of time so I decided to make a little list with all the links included if there's anything you've missed. In just 2 years she's spent 10 weeks in chicago on 3 different trips, she's been to Maryland/D.C. twice totaling 1 week, she made 2 trips to Philadelphia spending 5 weeks there and will be able to add Disney World in Florida before her third birthday.

Here are some of her little adventures....

1. Visit Sesame Place in Pennsylvania (3 times)

2. Take an Amish Buggy ride

3. Visit an Alpaca farm

4. Go to a bounce house

5. See Gettysburg

6. Visit Valley Forge

7. Take pictures at Millennium Park in Chicago

8. Watch Beluga Whales at the Shedd Aquarium

9. Visit a Planetarium

10. Eat at a restaurant that's been on TV (actually 3 different restaurants)

11. Pet a rat at an animal sanctuary

12. See the White House

13. Pet a Reindeer

14. Touch an Albino White Tail Deer

15. Watch Sesame Street Live at the Fox Theater

16. Run up the famous 'Rocky Steps' in Philly

17. Ride a pony

18. Tour a real Shoe House

19. Railroad Ride 

20. Witness the changing of the guard 

21. Take a carriage ride 

22. Tour the house that Betsy Ross lived in

23. Dance in a recital

24. Take Polynesian dance class

24. Stroll down the Magnificent Mile

25. Get to know Philadelphia

26. Touch a real dinosaur bone


  1. I think your little one did more than I did in my first 18 years of life!

    1. haha cece, even though when shes older she won't remember these things-she LEARNS SO MUCH every time we go on an adventure....and it gives me wonderful memories and adorable picture taking opportunities!

  2. Sounds like Zeeva has had some amazing adventures. That's a great way to look at it, that although she might not remember a lot of her experiences when she is older, they will have helped to shape her and she is clearly learning so much.xx

    1. I can see her brain absorbing so much everytime we go on another adventure, i truly think all that we do makes her smarter-how many 2 year olds know the difference between alpaca and llamas?!


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