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 A guide on achieving life goals
                to become better people, 
                               improve our quality of life
                                        and enjoy every moment to the fullest.


When? October 15, 2011

Why I wanted to do this-I have wanted to get a HOT STONE MASSAGE since I can remember. I have had many massages but never a HOT STONE. My back has been killing me since the day I got pregnant but it's so easy to put something like this aside when you have a baby on the way ( or already here) and there's a million things to buy for the little one. But I really couldn't take it anymore, I have wanted a massage every single day for the past 2 years and I found a place that offered HOT STONE MASSAGE so I knew it was time for this LIFE LIST item!

Cost: $59.00/60 mins

How I paid for it: Why am I telling you this??? Most people don't do the things they want because they think they cannot afford it, our lives revolve around money so of course it is a concern but it shouldn't block you from doing the things you want it should help you do the things you want in life. I am a stay at home mom, my husband makes an average salary, we have bills up the wazoo and we're trying to buy a house. Luxury items, such as massages, are not something that's in the monthly budget but for the past two months I had set aside $5 here and $10 there to do some fun things with. [sidenote: I do not put anything on credit-CREDIT IS FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY] So if there is something you've been really wanting and you don't have the money, just start with setting aside 5 bucks, you'll be amazed at how quickly it all adds up.

What I would do differently: Go on Groupon and get an amazing deal.

Something I would recommend? YES! YES! YES! A MUST FOR EVERYONE!

Would I do it again? YES! YES! YES! If I could afford I would do it everyday! The massage therapist that worked on me said my back is so screwed up I should come in twice each month for the next year, do daily stretches and spend 60 minutes/day applying heat to my upper and lower back. Realistically I'll probably be able to go a few times/year.

Was it life changing? Yes! I have been having problems with my back and my hip and the massage therapist explained why I was hurting and I have discovered the power of preventative medicine. I was also informed that my body is full of toxins ( I'm not surprised I eat like crap) and that soaking in a salt bath with help draw them out- I never knew what the heck salt scrubs were for! This is the best I have felt physically in two years! Getting that massage has improved my quality of life which extends to all areas of my life. I feel so good, I noticed I was extra patient with my family today, I am more calm, I ate better, I exercised, I stretched-over all I am in a more peaceful state.

Would this make a good gift? ABSOLUTELY! This is a terrific gift idea for any adult of any age or occupation, or more specifically if you ever want to give me gift this would be perfect. I think all of us need a good rub down  from time to time.  

My review of the establishment: Very clean, nicely decorated, smelled of aromatherapy, very calming, I was referred to as "my friend" which I loved- I'm always a sucker for being schmoozed. The rooms were nice and very private, the bed was so comfortable and the blankets I laid under were even more comfortable. On top of it the entire staff was very professional. Massage Heights was the nicest 'spa' I have been to. Also, you do have the choice between a male or female masseuse. 

My review of the masseuse: Her name is Chrissy, incidentally she is the director at Massage Heights. I thought she was professional, educated, informative, she definitely knew what she was talking about. I normally do not like to talk during a massage but we talked the entire time, it was not in a 'oh God, she won't shut up' way, I had a lot of questions and all of my problems stem from my pregnancy and carrying around my baby which of course led to talking about my little one and I am always up for that! I really liked her and although she is not regularly on the schedule I will try to book my next appointment with her.

My review of the massage: I got a HOT STONE MASSAGE, obviously there are many other types available- I also had asked for deep tissue as I had so many knots. You can request as gentle or hard as you are comfortable with. The hot stones felt so good on my back, at first I didn't even know she was using them, I thought 'wow this must be super heated lotion and feels incredible'! This was by a long shot THE BEST MASSAGE I have ever had!

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