Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I just LOVE Maine! I've been there several times, including on my honeymoon and I cannot wait to go back. I love lobster....and I don't mean just eating it- I actually have a strong interest in lobsters and have read every book about them (there aren't that many) I also have a HUGE Lobster collection so next time I go I'm taking some spending money to add to my 'Crustacean Sensation' ---that's what I call my kitchen!!!! For some reason those silly little buggers fascinate me to no end. I am super excited to tackle this list one day!



  1. You should add "Visit Bar Harbor" to that list. The place is probably in my top 10 favorite places ever. :) Plus they have some of the best whale watching in the area.


  2. I love Maine too. I can't wait until we go back for some Portland Lobster. Also, maybe we can find the plastic piece from the bottom of the Saturn that I lost.....

  3. Thanks for the tip Amanda!!!
    Joel----MY wish is that we can find that 5 foot metal lobster again....AND BUY IT!!!! What were we thinking not buying that???!!!!


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