Tuesday, October 15, 2013


“All our dreams come true if we have the
                    courage to pursue them” Walt Disney 

When: August 2013...for the third time, my Aunt took me twice when I was younger, maybe 9 & 11 years old.

Where: Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

Cost: Well I'll probably be in the minority in saying this, but I thought everything was very reasonable. You get what you pay for and for every cent spent we got 100 times its value. None of the prices surprised me. You're not shopping at the dollar store after all. I have heard a lot of people complain that it's "too expensive". Well, Disney World is the size of a small country covering 30,000 acres, with 58,000 employees payroll is $1.5 Billion dollars annually. It cost $100 million each year just to maintain the Magic Kingdom alone. Disney World would not be what it is if they had value menu prices. We spent a lot of money but we got to do a lot, we stayed in a 4 star resort with endless amenities, ate delicious food all week and had made so many unique memories. I would like to emphasize that you really get the most bang for your buck if you choose the inclusive packages, that's the best way to go. I think you'd end up spending more money in the long run without the package.

Why this is on my list: Even though I had been there when I was younger there was 2 things I always knew I wanted to 1. Go back as an adult and 2. Take my daughter. I booked the trip 1 year ago, while we were having a world of problems with our new house and just needed something to look forward to. I'm happiest when I have hotel reservations booked no matter how far away it is. I also wanted to take my daughter while she was still young enough to fully be mesmerized by the magic at Disney World. Some people say that they want to take their kids when they're older so they'll remember it, well I was 11 the last time I was there and I barely remember it, and I liked it of course but I wanted to take my daughter when she'd be jumping up and down with excitement. We take our little girl on a lot of trips and to special things-none of it is about her 'remembering' them. It's about making memories for us to have, having the pictures and videos. Also the way I look at it is, every time we give her an experience it gets the gears turning in her brain, I can see her taking everything in and learning all sorts of new things. I want a well rounded child, who's not afraid of trying new things, who gets to meet people from all over the world and who has a more impressive LIFE LIST at the age of 3 than some adults I know. But more importantly I want my daughters childhood to be filled with as many smiles and giggles as we can squeeze in. My goal of every day is to ensure that my little heart is healthy, safe, and happy.

. A few weeks ago I asked her if she wanted to say some prayers before bed she yes, cleared her throat and said "We went to Disney World, I love Disney World. Mermaid is Mommy's favorite, Belle is Daddy's favorite and Cinderella is my favorite. Amen".

Something I'd recommend? Of course. Though, I think it is best to go as a very young child (3-5) or as an adult. I think these are the times that it will be most enjoyed and most appreciated.

Will I go again? Most certainly. One day we walked down to the shuttle to go to the Magic Kingdom, our daughter in her Cinderella dress sat on a bench next to 2 little girls from England, one in a sleeping beauty dress, the other wearing Belle. This family FROM ENGLAND told us that this was their 3rd trip to Disney in 8 months. I'm not surprised. It truly is a magical place, at every corner you receive top notch service, and you can't imagine how much there is to do. It's like visiting a whole other world. Besides, the first trip there in my adult life was a learning experience, now I know all the tips and tricks so that our next visit will be even more amazing.

“When you are curious, you find lots 
                              of interesting things to do.”


  1. Aww, great to hear about Disneyworld. That photo idea sounds great, shame not to find about it until later on, but never mind. The pics are wonderful, especially of that one of Zeeva holding Pocahontas.

    Sounds like you guys had a great time. I think if you can budget for these things and are prepared for the costs, then it is less expensive. I know i am getting meal packages with disneyland paris so that takes out some of the cost issues and helps with budgeting.

    You will have some wonderful memories from this trip.xx

    1. I think you'll be glad you got the meal plan.. i've never been to the one in Paris but I'm sure the quality is on par! When it comes to Disney everything is top notch!

      You are right, when $ isn't a surprise then it doesn't seem so bad! Some people don't really research adequately, but if you know before you go you can plan ahead!


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