Wednesday, October 23, 2013


     “A dream is a wish your heart makes” –Cinderella
When: October 13, 2013

Where: Fairytale Entertainment  I found her online but she comes right to your house- in the Metro Detroit area.

Cost: $175/ 1 hour plus we gave a $25 tip-it was worth every penny. I would've even given her more of a tip but that was all the cash I had left.

Why this is on my list: I wanted to give my daughter a birthday party to remember! When I came across this online I knew having Cinderella come to her party would make the most perfect party gift ever! How many kids get to get to have their favorite princess at their party?

Something I'd recommend? YES. This woman is incredible. She was as pretty as a princess, her gown, hair and make up were flawless and high quality-she perfectly looked the part. And she played the part to utter perfection as well. She made a grand entrance with music she brought, then she sat down with the girls and in a voice that could only belong to the one and only Cinderella she sang them songs, played games, danced with them, read them a story, blew bubbles, passed out surprises, made balloon wands and then without skipping a beat painted their sweet little faces. The transitions from one activity to another were seamless. She had a magic bag of tricks along with an iPod speaker that had everyone including the adults mesmerized. I thought the adults would just transfer into the other room and chit chat while the girls played with Cinderella but no one could take their eyes off her. After the face paintings she took pictures with all the girls. I was so happy I had had an area dedicated for photos which made a lovely 'backdrop'. She also gave my daughter a special birthday gift just from Cinderella! It was a ring that was similar to one that she was wearing.

My daughter asked me when we were going to eat cake- I didn't want to respond with "after Cinderella leaves" because I knew the idea of her leaving might create a panic with the children but before I had a chance to answer her question she said "After Cinderella has to get in her carriage and go back to her castle?" "Yes, actually that's exactly right." But before she left we all gathered around Z's princess cake and Cinderella sang Happy Birthday to my daughter. What a lucky little girl.

Will I do it again? Absolutely. My daughter had an enamored look on her face the entire time, her friends loved it and I myself couldn't stop smiling. My heart filled with even more joy when my girlfriend whose daughter is 3 years old too came up to me and said "This is so nice, I just want to cry." I felt the same way...I think we all did. Having Cinderella at my daughters party filled our house with sheer joy.

Since this was such an over the top girly princess party we only really invited our daughter's female friends but one of the girls has a brother who came and Cinderella was also very accommodating to him making him a balloon pirate sword and a pirate face painting. As a matter of fact my Step Dad also couldn't resist joining in the fun and had her paint a spider web on his bald head! It was the perfect princess party and since this very talented woman does everyone from Merida to Snow White to Sleeping Beauty, I think she'll be a part of our parties as long as my very girly daughter is into princesses! Check Fairytale Entertainment's website to find more characters include SpongeBob, Captain Hook, Batman and more!

"Have faith in your dreams and one day your rainbow will come shining through.” –Cinderella 


  1. She came to my daughter's fourth birthday as Tinkerbell. She brought Peter Pan with her as a surprise! She is amazing!!!

  2. Wow! Amazing pictures! What a beautiful Cinderella! She is just beautiful! :)

  3. That is so amazing and so cool! what a fantastic thing to do, those girls must have enjoyed each and every moment.

    That really is spectacular, can't believe what great things there are out there for kids these days.

    She is so talented too, being able to do the face painting and balloon shapes. She sounds very professional and creates a magical fairytale fantasy, i can see why the adults would want to stay around!

    Zeeva must have been so happy!xx


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