Wednesday, December 7, 2011


When: December 2nd, 2011

Where: Meijer

Why I wanted to do this: Well I thought our tv was just fine and thought it would only be replaced when it died as I detest spending money on updating items that are still in acceptable working condition however  when my 82 year old grandpa bought himself a flat screen I realized how pitiful we were, although I still had no intentions of buying a flat screen any time soon! It had been a horrible week-so many terrible things happened so I wanted to do a LIFE LIST item to life my spirits, it was between getting a new tattoo and going to New Hampshire but then we were at the store and it was such an incredible deal I couldn't pass it up.

Cost: Viore Flat Screen 40 inch $340
          Monthly fee for HD          $9/month
          Entertainment stand          $150

How I paid for it: I had had some money saved ( to buy a stunning leather tapestry armchair) so I used that and my husband gets an extra paycheck this month so we had some cash to play with.

What would I do differently? I wish I had known beforehand that you have to PAY EXTRA FOR HD!!! That's so ridiculous, also before we bought it I would have liked to have planned on getting a new entertainment center-with all the wires we had- but it was just an extra expense we hadn't accounted for.

Had to get an entertainment center.

Will I do it again? Well according to a television salesman if you only spend $300 on a tv it will only last you 3 years...I told him to get his head out of his ass. But I assume this will not be the last television purchase I make in life.


You can't even see the tv!

Something I would recommend? Yea, there are so many great deals right now-it's hard to pass up!

Good gift/surprise? Yes-it would be a terrific surprise and/or gift-it sucks spending your own money on stuff like this (in my opinion) Spending $500 on an adventure or down payment on a trip is great---spending $500 on buying a better version of something I already had is just ok.

Life changing? Yes- having nice things makes me feel better about myself. It didn't rectify ANY of the problems I'm having right now with my family so this gives me something to be happy about because it makes my home look so much nicer which is always very pleasing. Every time I walk into my living room I feel like I'm a hotel.

"Television is more interesting than people. If it were not, we would have people standing in the corners of our rooms" Alan Corenk


  1. Totally agree with you there:-) I hate spending money on things like tvs and dvd players and just generally updating things. I think once i've bought it that should be it and my money should be spent on lovely things like days out!

    It's nice doing things on your life list just to lift the mood and to get another goal ticked off. Well done on completing it and on such a cool looking tv! Love the tv quote:-)

  2. I know, I relate ALL money to the cost of an airplane ticket and I think 'geez I could have bought a ticket to europe!' I have to say though, that I always try to take whatever I can from any situation and since I've had these problems with my family, I've been able to complete MORE LIFE LIST ITEMS because I've had more time, money and a great excuse! I'm so excited to be going somewhere amazing for Christmas- I never would have planned a last minute out of town trip over Christmas had it not been for everyone pissing me off! So I guess I should say thank you to them! :)


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