Saturday, December 10, 2011


This is what my husband posted on my Facebook wall today!

"While it may be a bit late I would like to welcome everyone in congratulating Allison for her receipt of the coveted 'BEST HUGGER AWARD' during her stay at 3rd grade summer camp. She has diligently maintained her hugging prowess over the ensuing years and is deserving of another 'BEST HUGGER' award in present time." Congratulations Allison!"   

My longtime friend Jenny-we always give each other an extra big squeeze. She hugged me the first time we met, I knew instantly we would be great friends.
When: Award presented in the summer of 1990-Acknowledged winter of 2011

"Hugs not drugs" my mom always said-    that message really hits home for me.

Where: Award given at summer camp. Acknowledgement movement began on Facebook.

A seemingly lackluster embrace on my behalf-I was waiting for my moment in the spotlight. I think my grandpa really demonstrates perfect form here.

Why I wanted to do this: This is the only award I've even been honored with, people brag about their accomplishments all the time---you can't put a hug on a shelf !

This is when my hugging started going places. You can tell my brother is critiquing me here-as well he should be-this was more of a 'desperate cling'- a maneuver I no longer care for.

Cost: Hugs are free!

Both arms wrapped around the subject, hands touching the hair, cheek to cheek-Yea Aunt Roxanne-I'd say this is a pretty damn good hug!

What I would do differently? I would have mentioned this on more job applications, I think my lack of achievements is what obstructed me from acquiring gainful employment with a respectable company in my life-I have always done independent contract work-I probably could have had a tax with holding paycheck had my employers known my level of dedication and finesse.

This looks like the hug that won me my merit- no it wasn't-this one happened two years prior, but it was pretty clear the direction I was headed.

Will I do it again? I think what this has done for me is motivated me to rediscover my roots, I think I'm going to take a little time to start holding more people tightly in my arms.

This is something you don't see very often, a hug given to a kitten WHILE modeling foot ware.This was the year I had won the 'Best Hugger Award' and clearly I let the attention and my white leather boots go straight to my head. 

Something I would recommend? Yea! I'm going to recommend that you help me spread the word! I'm going to make up some tee shirts for myself and I would appreciate it if you took a minute to send an email to Ellen Degenerous-she might like to help my campaign. I think I'm entitled to a trophy, bumper sticker, coffee mug- this is a pretty big deal and even if it is 21 years later I'm going to hold my head high from now on and remember that this is an accomplishment to be held in high regard.

This is known as the 'I'm hugging you whether you like it or not embrace'. It's pretty forceful and I wouldn't use any farther than a first cousin as shown above.

Good gift/surprise? If you are over the ago of 5, a hug as a gift is considered unoriginal. As far as helping me live up to my hugging potential by way of encouragement and praise through personalized keepsakes-YEA THAT'S A PRETTY GOOD GIFT!

This is the 'I trust you hug'- it is similar to a 'headlock' in professional wrestling. 

Life changing? O I'd say so. This might open the door to other possibilities for me, such as, I've always wanted to be a person who kissed on the cheek, but I've never really had the gusto, I fall short every time with an uninspired air kiss. I think a smooch on the cheek could really change the course of my relationships with a lot of different people.

Every so often a star falls, and I have to say that this hug was rather feeble especially as it was shared with my very first boyfriend.....I think just wanted him to let go of me so I could hop back into that Rolls Royce.

MY ACCEPTANCE SPEECH-First of all I just want to thank everyone I've ever met in my entire life. What else can I say....I just love the feeling of lifting both my arms simultaneously, enclosing in on my target creating a torso blockade all the while your head is left free to rest on the shoulder or press your cheeks together-it's a decision you can make on the spur of the moment! I guess when I make my tee shirts I ought to put the inscription on the back! Just as Al Gore is bringing sexy back, I am bringing a good old fashioned hug back!

A double whammy-an embrace combined with uncontrollable laughter-one of my favorites. I have shared many a hug of this nature with my beloved sister.

I always find it appropriate to hug a stranger who is dressed in a military uniform.

Now, what happened here, the arms are a little low for a normal hug but when you combine rum with the elements of a gay bar atmosphere, things become a little fuzzy.

At the time I was clearly very proud of my lateral embrace, maybe it's my old age but I am effectively less impressed now.

Obviously on this day I had the liquid courage to try all sorts of new positions. I must say the 'wraparound' was then, and still is now in every sense of the word-shameless.

I don't know who that guy was-but I'll say this-I gave him one hell of a hug!!!

Sometimes it is necessary to multitask during your hug-I was holding on to Kitty's blue coat for dear life.

I'm not going to lie, I am not the better hugger in this photo-Jen wins hands down. P.S. as a prerequisite all my friends are named Jennifer-she is the third Jennifer to appear on this post.

A baby hug.

A smush hug-the arms are not needed for this one.

A 'it was so funny our legs gave out hug'.

A 'I'm too drunk to stand up' hug.

A sisterly hug could also be referred to as a 'bear hug'.

Last but not least, a hug that says 'thank you for making my hugger award dreams come true'.

I think what these pictures prove is that I have essentially committed my life to perfecting my craft.

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