Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Sister's Birthday

Today is my little Sister’s 24th Birthday, so I wanted to post some of these pictures of us through the years. I know this itself has nothing to do with my actual LIFE LIST but my LIST is about celebrating life and being better.  So as we celebrate her today I am also making it a goal to become much closer to Helena, I haven’t been the best big sister or the best role model but I am going to make an effort to be better from now on. I am sorry to you dear little sister from another mister for all my bitchy moments, dirty looks and judgmental words. We will always drive each other nuts given the nature of our relationship but maybe now we can do it with more grace. I know this year will be amazing for you, I love you and cannot wait for tonight…it’s going to get wild. 


  1. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos and a bit about your sister. (You look gorgeous in your wedding dress!) I have three sisters, so not what its like, but sounds like you are trying to be a good sister. Hope you had a great Christmas:-)xx

  2. You and Helena are beautiful sisters and a fun loving duo, thanks for sharing the pics.

  3. It's like an evolution of Helena. Love it! You're awesome Al baby! Just awesome...

  4. From chubby to skinny to chubby to...

  5. Dannie-THANK YOU!! I LOVED MY WEDDING DRESS!!! It was a very unique Christmas that's for sure, will write about it this week, Hope yours was wonderful too! 4 girls!!!!! wow!

    Rox-Thank you-we do know how to have a good time!

    Helena-You're awesome, I had a blast last night! Thanks for inviting me!!! And yes...but at least we've always rode that wave together!


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