Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holidays at Home 2011

Here are some highlights from how we celebrated Christmas in Michigan, we actually went to Maryland for the Holiday and spent Christmas Day in Washington D.C.

Thanksgiving 2011

Much better than Thanksgiving 2010

Last year she got skunked

Wishing the horses a Merry Christmas

My daughter's first interaction with real horses

Future barnhand-she began picking up tiny pieces of manure 

Let me see..who didn't I hay yet....

She psyched her out after this was snapped-Angel doesn't get her sense of humor

Inside Always Christmas at Canterbury Village 

Canterbury Village

This is one little girl who LOVES Santa Claus!


We are nothing if not Ladies Who Love Hats!
O my gosh, Mom never lets me play with this kind of stuff!
Sorry I forgot to get you buy yourself something nice.
It's not wrapped but let's see what we got anyways...
Gotta own up to my "best hugger" title!
Let's get to know each other better.
 first fur.
Downtown Rochester 
My sister's 24th Birthday 12.27.11
She went nuts for her new coat.
Now I know why my Mom loves Christmas so much-it's invigorating. 

The term 'decorating the tree' means to 'put the ornaments ON the tree NOT take them off---apparently something got lost in translation.

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